By alopes

FIU President Mark B. Rosenberg sent the following message to students on July 9, 2012.

Dear FIU Student,

Nothing is more important to us than a quality education for you.  Your ability to be successful in the world of work depends in large measure on the critical thinking and learning that your college education provides.  The world of opportunity in this century is driven by knowledge, innovation, and hard work.  Our faculty and staff know that every student counts.

We have seen a steep increase in demand for access to FIU by academically qualified students. During the past three years, we have added nearly 1,000 additional classes and expanded on-line learning to ensure that you can graduate in a timely manner. We have expanded available financial aid, and improved options for access to affordable textbooks and expanded parking options.

We have also added over 50 advisers, improved our course tracking and academic major management capabilities to be sure classes are available so you can graduate on time, raised standards for entry into programs, and have developed new state of the art internship programs to give you much needed practical work experience.  We now graduate over 10,000 students annually!  Many of our graduates go directly into high paying jobs right here in Florida.

For the new academic year, we are raising tuition by about $20 a credit hour. Please take a few minutes to view a recent presentation we made to the Florida Board of Governors on this topic.  We do this to ensure that you can get the courses that you need when you need them and to improve the likelihood that you can graduate in a timely manner.

We ask that you graduate in four or at the most five years.  Many students – whether full or part time—delay taking needed courses and unnecessarily prolong their time to degree.  This adds an additional debt burden to you and your hard working families.  It delays your ability to enter fully the work force and begin your careers.

We are so proud that you are a Panther.  We have a sense of urgency about your education and appreciate your commitment to a timely graduation!

Let me hear directly from you!  What can we do to accelerate your graduation?  Improve your experience at FIU?  E-mail me here ( Please consider sharing this message with friends and family who support you as you pursue your education.

Sincerely yours,


Mark B. Rosenberg