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Woman working at a laboratory on a laptop

Biomedical engineering weaves a strong life science foundation with multidisciplinary engineering fundamentals for investigating and understanding living systems, using quantitative assessment tools, engineering living systems, and developing novel biomedical sensors and devices. The biomedical engineering undergraduate and graduate degrees provide an education at the interface of engineering and biology, concentrated in tissue engineering, biosignals and systems, biomaterials, and biomechanics. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A man standing on a bridge

Civil engineering is one of the oldest of the engineering disciplines. It involves the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings, highways, railways, bridges, airports, seaports, and other structures of modern society. Given the global need for rebuilding, maintaining and further developing infrastructures, the demand for civil engineers has never been greater. Our civil engineering graduates can choose from a broad spectrum of career opportunities in industry, government, and private consulting. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A group of people sitting at a table with laptops

Computer engineers are the brains behind the hardware and software of computers. Our undergraduate and graduate programs in computer engineering emphasize engineering concepts and design in the rapidly expanding field of computer engineering. Students in our computer engineering programs are trained in hardware architecture, software engineering, hardware-software integration, signal and image processing, instrumentation and filter design, and computer networking. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A group of students showing eachother their computers

Technology has influenced every industry as digital breakthroughs proliferate the working world. The evolution of computers has enabled most industries to increasingly rely on computing, digital information and database management as well as programming. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs in computer science provide strong and advanced skills in computer science including computer organization and architecture, data structures and related algorithms, and programming languages plus technical skills and application of technology.

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A group of people standing next to each other with safety vests

Construction management degree programs at FIU equip students with the knowledge and skills required for supervisory or managerial positions in the construction industry. Graduates usually find employment as project managers, project schedulers, cost estimators, quality controllers, or managers of their construction firms. Employment opportunities exist in all areas of the construction industry, including land development, home building, public building, industrialized building systems, and marine and highway heavy construction. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A screen displaying fragment of a code

Geared to train students for jobs in areas such as data security, systems security management and network threat analysis, FIU’s cybersecurity degree programs prepare students to work on solutions to high- tech 21st century problems, such as how to safeguard devices, software and data from cyber threats as well as protect power grids from hackers.

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A laptop sitting on top of a table

Data science program at FIU prepares our students for the fastest growing, highest demanded job prospect in recent history. Students pursuing the master’s in data science step into the world of data-driven models and multidimensional datasets and develop solutions and models that apply to the areas of bioinformatics, financial computing, computer forensics, big data algorithms and much more.

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Engineering Student with gadgets at workstation

From tiny microchips to huge power station generators, electrical engineers are helping environmentally conscious organizations find cleaner ways to derive and use energy to improve sustainability for greater efficiencies, savings and environmental impacts. They design, develop, test and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment. FIU’s undergraduate and graduate degree programs in electrical engineering train students in electronics and electromagnetism, nanotechnology, power and energy systems, communications, controls, bio-engineering and computers. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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Engineering Student with gadgets at workstation

Engineering and computing education primarily focuses on understanding how people learn engineering and computing respectively and how to improve instruction. Both are species of discipline-based education research, similar to chemistry education or physics education. It also focuses on broadening participation in engineering and computing -fields that have long exhibited underrepresented of women and underserved minority populations. An advanced degree in engineering and computing education will strengthen the quality and reputation of the teaching of graduate and undergraduate engineering and computer science.

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A group of people sitting around a table with laptops

Engineering Management graduate program develops future leaders of business and industry in an engineering and technological environment. The program blends a carefully chosen mix of graduate and interdisciplinary courses across the university in business, law, engineering and computing. The program offers a tailored degree for engineers who would like to take managerial positions and wish to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for success.

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A group of people sitting around a table with laptops

The FIU College of Engineering and Computing has partnered with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC) to offer the FIU Master of Science in Engineering Management in Jamaica. Students in the overseas program benefit from earning a master’s degree from FIU while learning the same curriculum as taught by FIU distinguished faculty in the Miami campus.

  • One Year Program
  • Flexible Schedule: Weekend Classes
  • Modality: in-person

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FIU Wall of Wind

Environmental engineers are the technical professionals who identify and design solutions for environmental problems affecting health issues and the quality of the air, water, and land. The impact of environmental problems on the quality of life has significantly expanded the job opportunities in environmental engineering. Our environmental engineering programs offer interdisciplinary courses in biology, geology, chemistry, ecology, atmospheric sciences, geotechnical engineering, urban planning, water resources engineering, pollution prevention and waste management. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A woman staring at a laptop

There’s never been a greater need for professionals with the knowledge to navigate the continually changing landscape of digital information. Our information technology undergraduate and graduate degree programs prepare graduates to excel in a world increasingly focused on information technology. The students advance their knowledge and earn one of the most in-demand degrees with a curriculum that includes courses in programming, software development, information systems, database development, computer networking, operating systems and more.

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A group of people learning together

Rather than focusing exclusively on an existing engineering subfield, such as electrical or mechanical engineering, our interdisciplinary engineering degree program provides a customizable degree for students to learn across disciplines. Interdisciplinary engineering students are exposed to the fundamentals of science and engineering while also developing their skills as leaders, systems thinkers, and engineering designers. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A person holding a cell phone in their hand

“Smart” things such as home security systems, autonomous vehicles and even home appliances are connected and can interact in an integrated way. These devices and their “language” are the focus of FIU’s degree programs on the Internet of Things (IoT). Our degree programs in IoT transform students into technological experts who can manage, program, maintain and secure IoT devices in many critical areas such as energy, transportation, health, aviation, infrastructure and hospitality.

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person holding iphone with location and FIU logos circling

The Master of Science in Internet of Things (IoT) enables graduates in computing and related areas to pursue a graduate degree in a technology-driven discipline. In this fast-growing area, the M.S. in IoT degree provides a sought-after set of technical skills to build on an ecosystem of hardware, software and services that turn data into intelligence.

  • First IoT graduate degree in Florida
  • Flexibility of schedule with hybrid modality
  • No GRE Requirement
  • Research funding opportunities in nanotechnology, wireless communications, power source, security and more

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A group of people standing around a specialized tool

The MS in Logistics Engineering program is designed with an engineering foundation for those interested in advancing their careers in the areas of management of logistics operations and supply chains. The MSLE program is an ideal graduate program for those seeking in-depth knowledge of logistics operations, enabling technology and systems design techniques.

  • Program can be completed in 1 yr
  • Program flexibility: full and part-time lockstep schedules available
  • No GRE Requirement
  • Program starts: Fall & Spring

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A man sitting in front of a laptop computer

Many of the technological advances of this century were enabled by the development of new materials. There is an increasing demand for graduates with advanced knowledge in materials science and engineering, such as nanomaterials. Students pursuing graduate degrees in materials science and engineering acquire knowledge and hands-on experience on thermodynamics, kinetics and physical properties of materials and several electives such as thin film engineering, composite materials and nanomechanics.

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Engineering Students with gadgets at workstation

Mechanical engineering profession, through research and innovative developments, impact health, space exploration, defense, manufacturing and high-tech industries across the globe. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs in mechanical engineering are designed to meet the needs of a rapidly evolving scientific and technological environment in the 21st century and give students a thorough understanding of the basic laws of science and advanced analysis and design skills. Review Computer Recommendations for this degree.

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A group of people sitting at tables with laptops

Telecommunications and networking graduates develop solutions for the ever-changing environment of real-time global information networking, telecommunications, wireless and optical strategies, and how to amplify business value through communications, technologies and systems. Our graduate program is for individuals seeking for employment in hardware and/or software companies, service providers, large user organizations, or telecommunications regulatory agencies as well as for those who are employed by these companies/organizations and wish to obtain formal, higher-level, specialized degree in telecommunications and networking.

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