CEC Research Portal

CEC’s research administration team has developed a portal for our faculty and staff involved in research projects to provide information about our research strengths, such as our research facilities, laboratories in CEC departments, schools, and our international agreements. The goal of this portal is to encourage collaboration across the college, university, and internationally. It also provides links to the websites to scholarly activities and databases such as Scopus, ORCID, etc., and soon will include guidelines on how faculty can register for research IDs on these pages. To visit this page, please click here.

If you wish to recommend any revisions to this page or have additional projects or labs added, please contact the Associate Dean for Research at the college or EIC help desk by completing a service ticket.

Research Contact

Headshot of Osama Mohammed
Dr. Osama A. Mohammed
Associate Dean for Research

Email: mohammed@fiu.edu
Website: https://energy.fiu.edu

International Programs Contact

FIU Research Lakhdar Boukerrou, Ph.D. Headshot
Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou
Director, International Programs and Global Initiatives

E-mail: lboukerr@fiu.edu
Website: https://boukerrou.eng.fiu.edu