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The School of Electrical, Computer, and Enterprise Engineering (ECEE) at Florida International University (FIU) continues to lead transformation and innovation within the engineering community, both locally and nationwide. In 2019-2020, the School received more than $15.1 million in sponsored research contracts, 34 patents filed, and 23 U.S. patents awarded. The School also graduated 408 students. 

ECEE is the first in the nation to offer a bachelor’s degree in the Internet of Things (IoT), placing FIU at the forefront of a technological shift as more devices become interconnected. The School is dedicating this degree to training tomorrow’s IoT workforce in four major areas: hardware, software, wireless communication, and cybersecurity.  

Looking ahead, ECEE continues to strive to meet new goals, including the construction of new spaces for researchers, postdocs, and students. ECEE is also working hard to augment graduate student enrollment and increase the number of classes available online. The growth and accomplishments of the School would be unimaginable without the unwavering support and dedication of our faculty, staff, advisors, students, and alumni demonstrate daily across the university. 

FIU CEC Staff Shekhar BhansaliOsama Mohammed
Director, School of ECEE

Phone: 305-348-3040
Email: mohammed@fiu.edu
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The mission of the School of Electrical, Computer and Enterprise Engineering is to provide excellence in undergraduate education so that our graduates become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners; to further the quality of our graduate programs by conducting impact-oriented research that responds to the needs of the State of Florida, in particular, and the nation, in general; and to serve our community.


The vision of the School of Electrical, Computer and Enterprise Engineering is to have the best undergraduate programs in the State of Florida and to have a nationally recognized graduate program driven by excellence in research. 


Luisa Ruiz
Program Manager
Phone: 305-348-2807
Email: luruiz@fiu.edu



Patents Issued in FY2020

Students Enrolled Fall 2020

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  • #16 for best online master’s degree in engineering management by Best College Reviews 
  • #10 for computer engineering bachelor degrees awarded by school – American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 
  • #20 for electrical engineering bachelor degrees awarded by school – American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) 
  • #54 for best online graduate engineering degree program: master’s in computer engineering: Network Security – U.S. News & World Report 


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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Home to state-of-the-art research, award-winning faculty, and the bachelor’s degree in Internet of Things, a first in the nation, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering students enjoy experimental learning opportunities, hands-on research in world-class laboratories and are prepared to hit the ground running in their chosen careers upon their graduation.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Enterprise & Logistics Engineering

Enterprise and Logistics Engineering (ELE) programs blend a carefully chosen mix of engineering and business courses to prepare future industry leaders for an increasingly technological business environment. ELE programs offer graduate degrees and certificate programs for those individuals who wish to advance to managerial positions in engineering fields and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to stay ahead in their organizations. Enterprise and Logistics Engineering