Ignite Campaign

Ignite is FIU’s faculty and staff fundraising campaign. Through the Ignite campaignFIU employees direct their gifts to a particular cause they are passionate about or to a specific unit.

Our goal is to reach 100% college-wide participation every fiscal year. Each faculty and staff have an important stake in the success of this campaign. Every gift, no matter the size, counts and will help us reach our goal. Furthermore, our support to Ignite campaign stands as a strong statement to outsiders who consider providing financial support to FIU through gifts, endowments and grants. They see that faculty and staff are already invested and that they are not alone​.

Below is a list of programs and funds created at the College of Engineering and Computing to support engineering and computer science students. We encourage you to direct your gifts to the funds listed below or to any other +200 giving opportunities to support FIU students and staff in need of financial assistance. If you have any questions, please visit the frequently asked questions section or contact Yesim Anter or Yesy Capi.


FY2020 College Overall Participation rate as of 7/28/2020
Goal: 100%
  • Office of the Dean 77% 77%
  • Moss 60% 60%
  • ECEE 58% 58%
  • BMME 55% 55%
  • SCIS 43% 43%

Featured FIU Projects

Panther Protection: FIU Paying It Forward

Panther Protection: FIU Paying it Forward will help students who find themselves in an emergency financial situation and are facing difficulties that can interrupt their education. Requests for emergency student aid are rapidly rising. These requests have significantly risen to 15 new requests per day as compared to two per week in the past.

FIUStrong Fund

The FIUstrong Fund provides emergency financial assistance to faculty and staff who have exhausted other avenues for obtaining assistance.

Industry Relief Fund

The Industry Relief Fund is providing financial support to employees of independently owned and operated restaurants and bars in South Florida, to help bolster the hospitality industry, which has been hit hard during the pandemic.

CEC College Specific Projects


First Generation Scholarships for Engineering & Computing Students

FIU’s First Generation Scholarship Program brings the American Dream within reach of our first generation students, those who are first in their families to pursue a college degree. Despite significant need, a high percentage of FIU students receive only partial financial aid. As a result, many talented and highly motivated students with limited resources are forced to attend only part-time or postpone their education altogether. Therefore, it is a vital source of financial support for many of FIU’s underserved students. Every $1 donated to the First Generation Scholarship Program is matched by the state with $2.

Give to First Generation Scholarships


Student Competition and Senior Design Fund

Professional society-sponsored regional and national design team competitions represent an important component of an engineering student’s education. Participation in an experience of team building and project design becomes a highlight on student resumes. Many FIU students do not have the financial resources to participate in team competitions or contribute equally to senior design projects. The fund provides resources to support these important and meaningful academic endeavors.

Give to Student Competition Fund

Women of Engineering & Computing Fund

Fund supports the work that our female faculty, staff, alumni and students are pursuing at the College of Engineering & Computing (CEC). The goal is to recruit students who are STEM-interested, strengthen the pipeline for female students in grades K-12, provide the community with opportunities to explore STEM, and provide sponsored lectures and round table discussions.

Give to Women of Engineering & Computing Fund

CEC Department Specific Projects

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