Ignite is FIU’s faculty and staff fundraising campaign. Through the Ignite campaignFIU employees direct their gifts to a particular cause they are passionate about or to a specific unit.

Our goal is to reach 100% college-wide participation every fiscal year. Each faculty and staff have an important stake in the success of this campaign. Every gift, no matter the size, counts and will help us reach our goal. Furthermore, our support to Ignite campaign stands as a strong statement to outsiders who consider providing financial support to FIU through gifts, endowments and grants. They see that faculty and staff are already invested and that they are not alone​.

Below is a list of programs and funds created at the College of Engineering and Computing to support engineering and computer science students. We encourage you to direct your gifts to the funds listed below or to any other +200 giving opportunities to support FIU students and staff in need of financial assistance. If you have any questions, please visit the frequently asked questions section or contact Yesim Anter or Yesy Capi.


Student Competition and Senior Design Fund

Professional society-sponsored regional and national design team competitions represent an important component of an engineering student’s education. Participation in an experience of team building and project design becomes a highlight on student resumes. Many FIU students do not have the financial resources to participate in team competitions or contribute equally to senior design projects. The fund provides resources to support these important and meaningful academic endeavors.

Give to Student Competition Fund


First Generation Scholarships for Engineering & Computing Students

FIU’s First Generation Scholarship Program brings the American Dream within reach of our first generation students, those who are first in their families to pursue a college degree. Despite significant need, a high percentage of FIU students receive only partial financial aid. As a result, many talented and highly motivated students with limited resources are forced to attend only part-time or postpone their education altogether. The First Generation Scholarship Program is, therefore, a vital source of financial support for many of FIU’s underserved students. Every $1 donated to the First Generation Scholarship Program is matched by the state with $2.

Give to First Generation Scholarships

fiu-Civil and Environmental-Engineering-fund-300x250

Civil and Environmental Engineering Department Fund

Donations will help Civil and Environmental Engineering Department create and award more scholarships, provide additional funding to help offset the cost of the senior design projects and allow the department to conduct seminar series with the leading professionals in their field as well as respond to other opportunities and challenges as they arise.

Give to Civil and Environmental Engineering Fund


Construction Management Fund

When you give to the Construction Management Fund your donation will be used for scholarships, to hire tutors and teaching assistants to help our students succeed, and for faculty and staff development. Your gift will further allow our students to participate in campus wide initiatives and events specifically geared towards their professional development.

Give to Construction Management Fund


Dr. Tao Li Memorial Scholarship

Professor Tao Li significantly impacted the lives of all of those around him. Always, the mentor and professional colleague, Tao encouraged all of us at one point or another and inspired many of us when we felt overwhelmed by our research or responsibilities. Tao was a leader. He led the way for his students to find their own paths to greatness and encouraged all of them to constantly seek excellence. Scholarships are used to support the continued education of outstanding computer science and information technology students.

Give to Tao Li Memorial Scholarship


Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund

The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to provide excellence in undergraduate education so that our graduates become critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and lifelong learners. Donations will help Electrical and Computer Engineering Department create and award more scholarships, provide additional funding to help offset the cost of the senior design projects and allow the department to conduct seminar series with the leading professionals in their field.

Give to Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund


Mechanical and Materials Engineering Fund

The Department of Mechanical and Materials strives to create and award significant scholarships. Your donation will give the opportunity to provide additional funding to help offset the costs of Senior Student Design projects, which allows the Department to conduct seminar series with the leading professionals in their field, as well as respond to other views and challenges as they arise. It is an opportunity to pay it forward by “giving back” so that future students who would otherwise be financially burdened can have a chance to leave a legacy for generations to come.

Give to Mechanical and Materials Engineering Fund


Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award

The Melita Jaric Memorial fund promotes excellence amongst our students by rewarding high-quality work and providing valuable hands-on travel experiences that will contribute to their future success. By supporting off-campus travel opportunities, all gifts received will provide students who are pursuing a degree in Computer Science or similar field of study with the opportunity to become part of the larger research community outside of the university.

Give to Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award


School of Computing and Information Sciences (SCIS) Fund will provide additional funding to our students and faculty to help offset several costs associated with their academic success. The program assistance include but not limited to the funds to cover travel expenses to conferences to present papers, senior design project expenses, costs related to the distinguished speaker seminar series, as well as other SCIS expenses as they arise. This is an opportunity for our community to pay forward by giving back.

Give to SCIS Fund

SCIS Discovery Lab Fund

Funds will help the laboratory acquire key design and development tools it needs to advance its mission and will go toward workstations, servers and software licenses, as well as to help fund a design competition for our students. Funds will also be used to support our outreach efforts to expose K-12 students to computer science and robotics in local schools. Funds will be used for education outreach program participant expenses (equipment for projects), student mentors expenses and the development of educational materials. Funds will also be used in support of our high school programming competition.

Give to SCIS Discovery Lab Fund


STRykER: BME Student Fund

Primarily for our Undergraduate students, the campaign will provide support for them to attend national and international research forums, participate in research opportunities, training sessions and study abroad. We will use the Fund for travel, registration, document preparation and to give them recognition awards for their accomplishments.

Give to STRykER: BME Student Fund

Timothy Robert Walker Memorial Scholarship

The Timothy Robert Walker Memorial Scholarship supports computer science students studying cybersecurity at FIU. Timothy Walker, an FIU alumnus, taught at the School of Computer and Information Science (SCIS) for nearly 27 years. He loved students and believed in the promise that education has to help people to improve their lives. Through this scholarship, Timothy’s passion for education and its promise to change lives for the better will continue to motivate students seeking a degree in cybersecurity.

Give to Timothy Robert Walker Memorial Scholarship

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