FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing is committed to providing quality education, problem-solving research, and community engagement through local relevance, national visibility, and global exposure. As an educational leader in a changing economic, technological, and social environment, and as the research engine of the university, the college is proud of its growth and accomplishments in recent years. Our research expenditures have increased more than 40 percent between FY2012 and FY2017 ($17.4 million to $24.5 million), and the number of patents awarded to our faculty has increased almost 6 folds. Furthermore, our ASEE and NSF HERD rankings have seen significant improvements. We rank #1 in the continental U.S. in awarding bachelor’s degrees to Hispanic students and #6 in awarding bachelor’s degrees to African-Americans (source: ASEE 2018). Please view the infographics on this page to learn more about our points of pride, facts and figures.

FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing (CEC) is home to a growing number of women engineers and computer scientists. They make up 20 percent of engineering or computer science undergraduates and 29 percent of the graduate students, above national average of 27 percent*. That’s because our students find a supportive environment at CEC surrounded by talented faculty. 

  • Nearly 40% increase in female students enrolled in engineering and computer science programs at FIU since AY2016-17
  • 19% female teaching and research faculty
  • Ranked among the top 50 in the nation for the number of bachelor degrees awarded to women
  • 20% undergraduate degrees in AY2018-19 were awarded to women (national average is 21.9%*)
  • 30% master’s degrees in AY2018-19 were awarded to women (national average is 26.7%*)
  • 28% doctoral degrees in AY2018-19 were awarded to women (national average is 23.6%*) 

*Source: American Society for Engineering Association (ASEE) 2018 Engineering Statistics 

College of Engineering and Computing is proud of its distinguished faculty, who are leaders in their fields. Please click on the button below to see a select list of their achievements and recognition nationwide.

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