Technologies Available For Licensing

As the patent-driver for Florida International University (FIU), the College of Engineering & Computing (CEC) is leading impactful research and discoveries in engineering and computer science with more than 40 patents produced every year and $32 million in annual research expenditures.

Below you will find a list of technologies and patents generated by engineering and computer science researchers that are available for licensing and commercialization. Each patent includes a brief information about the technology and areas of application. To learn more about the invention or to talk to a representative about a partnership for a licensing opportunity please click on the page listed under each invention.

Construction, Sustainability,
Resilient Infrastructure
Medical Devices & Systems, Diagnostics,
Biodetectors & Sensors, Imaging, Neurotechnology
Energy Storage,
Power, Smart Grids
Wireless Communications,
Antenna & Satellite Systems, Electronics
Information Technology, Data Management
& Storage, Artificial Intelligence

Corporations and businesses interested in partnering with FIU to commercialize technologies highlighted on this website or any other opportunities and inventions produced by the university researchers should contact the Office of Technology Management and Commercialization at FIU.