At CEC alone, thousands of dollars have been raised in support of FIUStrong and dozens have already benefited, thanks to the generosity of college alumni, corporate partners, donors, faculty, staff and other friends.

FIUStrong was created by the FIU Foundation to provide emergency financial assistance to faculty, staff and students impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, when other funding options failed to meet their specific needs.

Students and their families, who received much-needed assistance through this emergency aid campaign, have shared their gratitude with us. We wish to extend their gratitude to you by sharing their stories.

We are here for you, and we hear you.

The Coronavirus impacted my family in a big way. My mother and I are the ones that kept a roof over our heads, and that became difficult during this pandemic. I lost my job in hospitality due to the pandemic. My mother is a hairstylist. She, too, saw her income significantly impacted. The financial assistance that I received took care of my tuition and other school expenses. I am truly grateful for this blessing.
Neil Taylor

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Student

The financial assistance was a great help. It allowed me to stay safe and focused on my studies, especially since I am already considered part of the high-risk population.

Ricardo Armenteros

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Student

FIUStrong rescued me when I was losing hope amidst this global emergency. I was able to set all the distractions and stress aside and simply focus on school. I would not have been able to accomplish my goals without this support. Thank you, FIU! You are my heroes, and I am eternally grateful. I am so proud to be a Panther.

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