Admitted Graduate Student Procedures

All newly admitted graduate students must meet with their graduate program director associated with their major prior to the enrollment in their first class in their first semester. Enrolled students must choose an advisor during their first semester in the program. Continued contact (at least once per semester) with the advisor is required to review progress and select courses for each succeeding semester. (Source: Graduate Catalog for the college). See the section below for a full list of graduate program directors for each department or school.

If you are a non-Ph.D. student or a Master’s student with a non-thesis track, please reach out to your graduate program director to discuss your study plan.

To remain in good academic standing, graduate students must maintain a graduate GPA of 3.0. (Source: Policy on Graduate Academic Standing). All graduate students must take a minimum of one (l) credit hour per term to maintain active status in the program. For full-time status, the University requires nine (9) credit hours of graduate enrollment for Fall and Spring and six (6) credit hours for Summer. Once a doctoral student has advanced to candidacy, three (3) dissertation credits is considered full-time enrollment, except for the purposes of graduate assistantships. Similarly, Master’s students who have completed their coursework and have an approved proposal may be considered full-time with enrollment in one (1) thesis credit (Source: Policy on Active and Full Time Status).

Please click here to get the list of current Graduate Program Directors.


Below is a select list of resources available to graduate students for successful degree completion. For a full list of services and resources, please visit