Motorola Nanofabrication Lab

The Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility is the first centralized facility of its kind in Florida, and is an open-access initiative in support of nano-scale devices, systems, and materials research that encompasses a broad range of technologies and capabilities. The facility provides nanofabrication, analytical instrumentation, materials characterization, and process-development laboratories for students, faculty, and industrial researchers. The $15 million Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility is an integral part of the Advanced Materials Engineering Research Institute (AMERI), FIU’s broader materials research program. Harnessing the synergy inherent in the study and development of nanoscale technologies, the facility boasts:
  • Specialized equipment required to develop new and novel fabrication techniques unique to the creation of functional materials and devices that are no greater than 100 nanometers: (1,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair);
  • A full complement of standard semiconductor processing equipment to leverage the capabilities of robust and proven techniques; and
  • State-of-the-art analytical tools to study and characterize these nano-sized devices, as well as the materials and processes used to make them.

The Motorola Nanofabrication Research Facility is supported by Class 10,000 and Class 100 clean rooms and nanofabrication capabilities including focused ion-beam patterning, ultra high resolution e-beam lithography and optical photolithography. Fabrication of nano/micro electromechanical systems (N/MEMS) can be accomplished by a combination of nanolithography, reactive ion etching and thin-film deposition by a variety of techniques (e-beam physical vapor deposition, sputtering, filament evaporation, chemical vapor deposition).


Dr. Arvind Agarwal
Location: EC 3464
Phone: 305-348-4663

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