The Children's TrustWhat is the ENLACE (ENgaging LAtino Communities in Education) program?
Florida International University (FIU) and select elementary schools in the West Dade area are working in partnership with The Children’s Trust to provide after school and summer programs for elementary, middle, and high school students and K-Parent informational meetings at FIU. Through a generous grant from The Children’s Trust, ENLACE offers a summer program at Florida International University College of Engineering and Computing and an after school program at Charles R Hadley Elementary, Coral Park Elementary, EWF Stirrup Elementary, Rockway Elementary, and Sweetwater Elementary.

Who is eligible?
Students who are in 5th-7th grades and attend schools in the West Dade area welcome to apply for the FIU ENLACE Program. Students must have a “B” average and should exhibit a high degree of interest in learning and in obtaining a college/university education. Applications are ready on April 1st, please contact the ENLACE office (305) 348-3714. For the after school program students should attend the above mentioned schools, be in grades 2nd – 4th and be identified as struggling readers in need of additional academic support. Students scoring a 1 or 2 on the FCAT are also encouraged to apply.

In addition, ENLACE Saturday Parent meetings are open to all parents.

Who is directing the courses?
Academic classes are taught by certified teachers using the latest educational tools. In addition, Fit Kids, Inc offers nutrition and physical fitness education. The Yaeger Foundation teaches students about technology and leadership skills. And the Non-Violence Project instructs students on having respect for others, developing a high self esteem, and solving problems without violence.

When do students do their homework?
During the school year it is important that the majority of homework be done at home in order for children to establish good study habits. However, for those students who need extra help with their homework, we offer homework assistance in the afterschool program.

How much does the program cost?
The fee for the after school program is determined by the school site and is based on a sliding scale depending on family economic status. There are no additional fees for these services. All students are required to have the school insurance which is in effect for the complete school year including summer.

Summer program fees are a one-time registration fee based on a sliding scale as follows: Free Lunch students $25, Reduced Lunch $50, and Others $90.

What are the hours of the program?
The summer program is a six-week intensive academic program and runs from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm and is housed at Florida International University College of Engineering and Computing. The after school program is an extended school day program and runs from 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm at select school sites. It consists of one hour of individualized reading tutoring and one hour of life-enhancing skills and fitness activities. The ENLACE parent meetings are informational workshops that present current research and information related to education and parenting skills and are held at FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing on the first Saturday of the month.  Contact the ENLACE office to be included on the email group list.

Who is responsible for my child?
The After School and Summer Program staff are responsible for your child from the time of arrival until they are signed out by a parent, guardian, or authorized caregiver.

Do all schools offer this program?
No, at this time only five schools in Miami-Dade County offer the ENLACE after school program as follows:

Current ENLACE after school sites:
Coral Park Elementary
Charles R Hadley Elementary
Sweetwater Elementary
EWF Stirrup Elementary
Kendale Elementary

Summer Location:
Florida International University College of Engineering and Computing – students residing in the areas of Doral, Kendall, West Dade, Sweetwater, and Westchester, are encouraged to apply.


Frank Fins
Program Manager
Office: EC 2651 | EC 2763
Phone: 305.348.3714

With gratitude,
“To have happy, healthy, safe children who are becoming better readers and physically fit.”- ENLACE

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