College Policies and Administrative Procedures

The policies, procedures and guidelines outlined below are designed for general information. While the college intends to continue in effect the foregoing policies, procedures, guidelines, changes may take place in the content or applications to ensure the efficiency and the quality of the services provided to our students, faculty and staff. Best efforts will be made to communicate the changes, but it’s the employee’s responsibility to stay abreast of established standards of service, policies and procedures pertaining to the university, college, their unit and area.

Note: In order to have an access to or download the documents highlighted below, you may be prompted to enter your FIU credentials (username/password).


  1. Forms and Templates:
    1. College PowerPoint Templates: You can download and use power point presentation templates created for college, listed below, for your presentation or other meeting needs. These templates incorporate FIU’s new brand campaign colors, design and style. Please refrain from recreating different versions. More information about FIU’s brand guidelines can be found here. If you have any questions about the templates, please contact Elizabeth Calzadilla.
      1. CEC Hybrid: This template merges classic format with new colors. It could be used for research presentations and alike.
      2. CEC Real Triumphs: This template incorporates geometric design elements and may be more suitable for presentations that call for more images, less text, such as student orientations, town halls, displays for lobby screens, slideshows.
    2. College Overview:
      1. College General Overview (May 2023​): College general overview presents our points of pride, student demographics, research stats, rankings, faculty honors, alumni and industry partnerships as well as a brief outline of our research areas. Available formats: PDF and PPT slides.
      2. College Research Overview (May 2023): Research overview provides more comprehensive information about our research areas, particularly four research trusts that are outlined in our 2025 strategic plan. Available format: PPT slides.
    3. Research Administration: Forms listed below apply to research proposal submissions. If you have any questions about these forms please contact research administration team at the college.
      1. Budget Justification Template
      2. Cost Share Form
      3. Direct Charge Exemption Form-Expenses
      4. Direct Charge Exemption Form-Salaries
      5. Electronic Proposal Routing Approval Form – Word
      6. Electronic Proposal Routing Approval Form – PDF
      7. Internal Budget Sheet
      8. Purchase of Electronic Devices
    4. Dean’s Office Event Space Request Form: An Event Space Request (ESR) form is required anytime a unit wishes the use of a space that is under the control and management of the Office of the Dean at CEC such as EC2300, EC2461, Panther Pit, EC lawn, EC underdeck, for an advertised function at the college or Engineering Center, such as seminars, workshops, celebrations, guest speakers.
    5. CEC Virtual Background Images: College virtual background images can be used at any virtual activity (a meeting or an event) with our internal/external partners, in particular those activities that don’t have a customized background image or a theme. You can download these images here.
  2. Administration and Operations: 
    1. Pattern of Administration (POA):  The POA describes policies and structures concerning the governance of the college and faculty responsibilities. Specifically the PoA presents information about the college organization, administration and decision-making, faculty membership and appointments, responsibilities, course offerings, teaching schedules and leaves, outside activities, conflicts of interest.
    2. College Standard Operations Manual (SOM)revised on April 2023: It describes guidelines, protocols and procedures concerning finance management, human resources, research administration, academic pattern of administration, marketing and communications practices, event and building operations, graduate and undergraduate program services, fundraising and information technology, and the business operations & standards at the Office of the Dean.
    3. College Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan – revised on July 6, 2020: We believe “Diversity” does not only refer to gender, race or ethnicity, but also diversity of thought, experiences and perspective. Fresh ideas are borne of malleable minds, and it is our duty to coordinate the conditions that allow for such creativity. CEC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, adopted on January 10, 2018, describes the vision and mission for the college to increase the diversity among its faculty and students, as well as strategic and specific goals to create a community of informed, thoughtful and globally engaged engineers and computer scientists. It encompass all levels of the college; faculty and staff, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students.
      1. Department of Biomedical Engineering Diversity and Inclusion Plan, 2018
      2. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Diversity and Inclusion Planrevised on June 2020
      3. Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Diversity and Inclusion Plan, 2018
      4. Moss Construction Management Department Diversity and Inclusion Plan, 2020
      5. Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences, 2020
    4. College-wide Faculty & Staff Communications: This document provides an overview of procedural guidelines and a college-wide policy that apply to the announcements sent to CEC employees (faculty & staff), via, or its subset of faculty and staff mailing lists (; simultaneously to ensure pertinent information is circulated to our community.
    5. Protocol to Request Dean’s Participation in College Events: Please employ procedures highlighted in this protocol if you wish the dean participate in events organized by the units within the college. It does not apply to candidate interviews or internal meetings such as faculty/staff meetings.
    6. FIU Events Calendar User Guidelines. This manual provides guidelines about posting events (i.e. conferences, workshops, seminar series) to the calendars managed by the college or units.
  3. Academic Affairs 
    1. CEC Courtesy Appointment Guidelines
    2. Large Online Enrollment Compensation Guidelines
    3. Instructional Overload Guidelines
    4. Large Course Compensation Guidelines
    5. Tenure and Promotion and Tenure-Track/Third-Year Review Guidelines
    6. Non-Tenure Track Faculty Promotion Guidelines
    7. Professor of Practice Promotion Guidelines
    8. Research Faculty Promotion Guidelines
    9. Differential Assignment Guidelines
    10. Annual Assignment and Review of Faculty
    11. Default Evaluation Metric Tables
    12. Default Merit Raise Guidelines
  4. Access to CEC SharePoint: CEC has employed Microsoft SharePoint group site to help organize and share information more effectively and house policies, guidelines, protocols as well as presentations and templates that are commonly used by or circulated to the CEC faculty and staff. If you are having issues accessing the CEC SharePoint site or downloading a document, please contact Steven Luis or his designee at the Engineering Information Center.


  1. FIU Policies and Procedures Library: Visit the FIU policies & procedures online library for area, unit or program-specific policies established by the university. Below is a list of some of the policies and procedures that may be of interest to our community:
    1. Parental Leave Policy For Faculty Positions Classified in CBA
    2. Parental Leave Policy For University Staff (non-bargaining unit faculty and employees)
    3. Tuition Waiver Program
    4. Ethics in Purchasing for Research and Intellectual Property Contracts under Florida Law
    5. University Travel Expense Policy
  2. Faculty Handbook: The Faculty Handbook is a guide designed to present general information about FIU and represents a broad array of information, including policies that principally affect or may be of interest to faculty but also apply broadly throughout the university community.
  3. United Faculty of Florida (UFF) – FIU Collective Bargaining Agreement: Terms and conditions of employment for faculty employees are governed by the collective bargaining agreement.