Miami-Dade county


The Miami-Dade County Executive Internship Program offers juniors and seniors in our colleges and universities the opportunity to meet the County’s leadership and get a first-hand look at County government.  Through structured workshops and professional mentoring from senior management, students will learn county governance and will participate in well-planned and organized practical projects that match their educational objectives.  The program’s ultimate goal is to prepare and develop a strong group of future leaders for our county’s municipal governments, but it will also better position students for future job opportunities.


The Executive Internship Program provides a 15 week internship opportunity for 20 selected students. Students will need to dedicate 16 hours per week to the program and will be positioned under a Department Director.  In addition, every Friday morning students will attend special sessions with the Mayor, Deputy Mayors and the county’s executive team who will explain how the various departments are managed at the County.

On Friday afternoons, students work on assigned team projects.  With five students on each team, the students will work together to explore possibilities and propose solutions to County issues.  Teams submit project recommendations at the end of the semester.


  • Policy Formulation

  • Office of the Mayor
  • Board of County Commissioners
  • County Attorney Office
  • Public Safety

  • Corrections and Rehabilitation
  • Fire Rescue
  • Juvenile Services
  • Medical Examiner
  • Police
  • General Government

  • Internal Services
  • Commission on Ethics and Public Trust
  • Information Technology Services
  • Finance
  • Transportation

  • Aviation
  • Port of Miami-Dade
  • Office of the Citizens’ Independent Transportation Trust
  • Consumer Services
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Transit
  • Recreation and Culture

  • Cultural Affairs
  • Library
  • Park and Recreation and Open Spaces
  • Vizcaya Museum and Gardens
  • Neighborhood and Infrastructure

  • Animal Services
  • Regulatory and Economic Resources
  • Public Works and Waste Management
  • Water and Sewer
  • Health and Human Services

  • Community Action and Human Services
  • Program support for community agencies
  • Economic Development

  • Analyze and develop ways to promote doing business in Miami
  • Facilitate Trade and Commerce
  • Regulatory and Economic Resources
  • Public Housing and Community Development



In order to participate in the Executive Development Program, a student must be currently enrolled as a junior or senior at Florida International University and have a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or above. Given the importance of security clearance, selected students will also have to undergo a pre-employment security check as well as a medical check which will be covered by the county.  It is important to note that this will be an important “plus” in students looking for future employment since potential employers will then know that the selected students have passed a security clearance program.


Florida International University, through the office of Dr. Divina Grossman, Founding Vice President of Engagement, will identify a professor or administrator in charge of all participating students while Miami-Dade County will in turn assign a program coordinator.  These individuals will monitor and manage the program.  The FIU professor/coordinator will identify and refer qualified applicants to the County from various departments/schools/colleges.  It is suggested to start with the following:

  • School of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Engineering, Construction Management
  • Architecture
  • Public Health, Social Work and Community Services
  • College of Business (Marketing, Business Admin., Finance, Accounting)
  • School of International Public Affairs



An FIU professor/administrator will identify and refer qualified applicants to Miami-Dade County. That person will monitor and supervise the selected students throughout the internship. A selection committee at Miami-Dade County, composed of executive management, department directors, and the HR coordinator, will interview all qualified applicants.  The committee will make the final selection.

Students will be assigned to a Department Director based on the students preferred choice of work.  Each student will select three preferred areas of work from the above list of Miami-Dade County departments. Students will work a total of 16-18 hours per week.  Work schedules at the designated departments will be based on student’s academic schedule.

Executive sessions on “How the County Delivers Excellent Public Service Everyday” will be conducted every Friday for 15 weeks.  Friday afternoons will be devoted to working on special projects.  The twenty students will be divided in teams of five students and will be assigned supervisors/mentors based on the projects.

Students will be required to submit a bi-weekly two-page written report to the FIU professor/administrator and a final six-page report to their project supervisor in order to receive recognition of completion.  Participation in the Executive Internship Program commits neither party to the other upon completion of the program.

Students will be given an option to continue the internship for another semester with the objective of getting real-life, hands-on work experience.



Students will be provided with A MetroRail or MetroBus Pass and parking or parking at a garage in the Government Center area.  An additional stipend is being considered based on budget considerations