MangoHacks mentor Jacob Jenkins (center, orange shirt) brainstorms with attendees Baruch Hen (left) and FIU students Jose Morgan (center, dark jacket) and Lukas Borges (right, standing).

Student innovators work to solve problems at hackathon

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Sleeping bags and pillows were strewn around classrooms in PG 6 Tech Station while a few students took a quick…

Students from North Miami Middle School perform in a bottle rocket experiment with FIU's SHPE

Educational fun takes center stage at 2016 Engineering Expo

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More than 1,500 elementary, middle and high school students from around Miami-Dade County had the opportunity to experience engineering first-hand…

FIU students won first and second at Boeing Titusville’s Bottle Rocket Contest. Students Jose Medina (left), Alexsandra Olaya (center), and Stephanie Forero (right) helped prepare their rockets for the launch.

Students network with Boeing professionals

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After joining the Aerospace Engineering Club, mechanical engineering major Jorge Cisternas realized he wanted a job in the aerospace industry. And recently, Cisternas, now…


Distinguished History

Originally the College of Technology, we became official in 1984 as the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Thirty years later, we celebrate more than a quarter century of excellence, supported by exponential growth. Although regarded as a young college, our tradition of excellence and innovation is intertwined with a culture of diversity. In 2005, School of Computing and Information Sciences joined us and the College of Engineering and Computing was born.