Professor uses computer science to reduce patients’ exposure to radiation from CT scans

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When a doctor orders a CT perfusion scan, most people don’t give it a second thought as it’s necessary to…

Ricardode Azevedo

Spotlight on College of Engineering and Computing Graduates

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Outstanding Ph.D. Degree Graduate Mustafa Farhadi knew he’d grow up to be an engineer. As a kid in Ghaemshahr –…


Daughter hopes to follow in engineer mom’s footsteps

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  One day while sitting in Miami’s unremitting traffic, 10-year old Diya Agarwal, announced to her mother that she wanted…


Distinguished History

Originally the College of Technology, we became official in 1984 as the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Thirty years later, we celebrate more than a quarter century of excellence, supported by exponential growth. Although regarded as a young college, our tradition of excellence and innovation is intertwined with a culture of diversity. In 2005, School of Computing and Information Sciences joined us and the College of Engineering and Computing was born.