Adriana Marques

Director of Finance and Personnel

Office: EC 2472
Phone: 305.348.3026


Bethania Cabrera

Assistant Director of Human Resources

bethania-cabrera-resume-fiu-college-engineering-computing As the human resources manager for the FIU College of Engineering and Computing, Bethania leads two human resources coordinators and supports the hr needs of over 200 faculty, and nearly 100 admin and staff employees, in addition to the temporary non-student and student assistant population. Prior to joining FIU, Bethania spent 15 years of her career at JPMorgan Chase, where she had the opportunity to serve as a finance manager, based in New York, before becoming a human resources manager, based in Orlando. Both roles had a global scope and gave her the opportunity to manage employees and support clients across the United States, as well as internationally.

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Office: EC 2453
Phone: 305.348.5475


Samantha Baca

Financial Analyst I

Office: EC 2471
Phone: 305.348.7907


Maureen Braham

Office Coordinator

Office: CASE 354
Phone: 305.348.6636


Consuelo Cano

Budget Manager

Office: EC 2471
Phone: 305.348.2713


Jose Oquendo

HR Coordinator

Office: EC 2454A
Phone: 305.348.3526


Adriana Velado

HR Coordinator

Office: EC 2454A
Phone: 305.348.3526

Carla Iraheta

HR Coordinator

Office: EC 2454A
Phone: 305.348.3055

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