Financial Aid is an essential component of a student’s education.  Students should be well informed about the details of their financial aid package, if applicable.  This includes but is not limited to knowing: (1) the different type(s) of aid awarded to you – i.e. grants, loans, scholarships; (2) award amount received for each aid type; (3) duration of the aid award; (4) conditions to be met to keep or renew each aid award, such as Satisfactory Academic Progress or SAP; (5) amount not covered by the totality of the financial aid package for the academic semester or academic year; (6) options available to supplement any unmet financial need.

Students and parents are strongly encouraged to meet a representative of FIU’s Financial Aid Office at least once a year to have a clear understanding of financial aid eligibility, aid package awarded, and the logistics of aid disbursement. 

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If you would like to apply or learn about different scholarship opportunities offered via college or university, please visit Scholarships page.