Ines Triay Melendez Headshot

Ines Triay Melendez

Interim Dean, College of Engineering & Computing ; Executive Director, Applied Research Center

Dr. Ines Triay is the Interim Dean of the College of Engineering of Computing and the Executive Director for the Applied Research Center. Dr. Triay has been at FIU for 12 years as ARC’s Director, and most recently served as our college’s Associate Dean for Research Innovation and Technology where she has worked closely with the Knight Foundation to maximize the impact of resources on the growth of computing and information science at FIU.

Dr. Triay is a foremost expert on environmental management and has worked tirelessly in this area as a researcher, a visionary leader and a manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Department of Energy, and FIU. At the U.S. Department of Energy, she managed the largest, most complex nuclear environmental cleanup program in the world as Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, a Presidential appointment, confirmed by the U.S. Senate, with a budget of $6 billion per annum, and a workforce of 34,000 at 114 sites across the U.S. Dr. Triay has been widely recognized for her many accomplishments in science and engineering including the Los Alamos Distinguished Performance Award, Presidential Rank Award, the DOE Secretary Exceptional Service Award, the National Award for Nuclear Science, and the Dixie Lee Ray Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Office: EC 2174
Phone: 305.348.4238

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Maria “Natalia” Hernandez

Executive Assistant

Office: EC2468
Phone: 305.348.5231

Ivette Rodriguez headshot

Ivette Rodriguez

Administrative Specialist

Office: EC2427A
Phone: 305.348.8334

Yesim-Anter-fiu-college-engineering-computing Headshot

Yesim Anter

Director of Strategic Initiative & Communications


As the Director of Strategic Initiative and Communications for the FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing, Yesim Anter supports the dean and the college’s senior leadership by facilitating, leading or coordinating the development and execution of various strategic initiatives and programs in support of college’s mission, vision and strategic goals. She works closely with executive teams, staff and administration across the college as well as in the university, to ensure college goals are met, including FIU metrics. Further, she engages in the planning, production and execution of new college-wide policies, protocols and processes to ensure the college aligns itself with university policies as well as to address diverse academic needs of the faculty, staff and students. She provides recommendations to improve existing policies, operations and advice on the feasibility of new services, programs. She also plays a key role in the planning of several marque, college-wide activities, involving our students, faculty and staff.


Yesim has 20 years of experience in managing multifaceted projects and initiatives. She joined FIU in November 2017, after having worked at The Ohio State University (2013-2017) and University of Illinois-Chicago (2003-2013). Yesim received her bachelor’s degree in economics from Istanbul University in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1996 and an MBA in marketing from UIC in 2003.


Office: EC 2475
Phone: 305.348.6568

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Donaley Dorsett

Assistant Director, Building Operation

Office: EC 2468
Phone: 305.348.1197