The Internet of Things has revolutionized how people interact with the world. Whether it’s a smartwatch or a home virtual assistant, smart devices keep us connected on demand. Millennials and Gen Z have grown up in the age of the digital transformation, but older generations did not, making technology intimidating for some of them.

A group of engineering students is hoping to change that. They have come together to form Tech Team and help FIU retirees become tech-savvy.

Carlos Velez, Antonio Rubio, Jacob Wawerczyk, Jorge Caripidis Troccola and Julianna Delgado formed Tech Team with the support of Subbarao Wunnava, distinguished professor emeritus from FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing, and Trudy Fernandez, director of Human Resources and the FIU Retiree Association. Read more on FIU NEWS.

Tech Team