IMG_3747It’s not news that anything involving computers is in a growing field. At the core of our programs are researchers and educators who are training the next generation of computer scientists and software engineers.

We’re training students like Raymond Gonzalez, who’s developing Pet Finder, an iPhone application to help people find adoptable pets in animal shelters. Or Li Zheng, a doctoral student working on a new type of web search engine.

These innovators are designing their own careers in this exploding industry. You can too.


Bachelor of Science (BS) Computer Science

Computer Science Track
Software Design and Development Track

Bachelor of Science (BS) Information Technology

Software major

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in information Technology (2nd major)


Five-year combined programs:

BSMS Computer Science
BS Computer Science/MS Engineering Management
BS Information Technology/MS Engineering Management

Master of Science (MS) Computer Science
Master of Science (MS) Information Technology
Professional Master of Science in Information Technology – One year
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Computer Science

What kind of courses will you take?

  • Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction
  • Principles of Data Mining
  • Programming for the web
  • Computer Literacy for Performing Arts Production

Take a look at our undergraduate or graduate admissions requirements, learn about financial aid or find out more on the computing and information sciences site. For our full course list, visit our catalog. (PDF)

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