Three College of Engineering and Computing students were selected as the recipients of FIU’s inaugural The Robert Henry Stovall Military Scholarship.

Congratulations to Justin Casale, Luis Sanchez, and Cynthia Tounn. Paws up!

justin-casale-300x400Justin Casale is a Marine Corps veteran and a senior studying cybersecurity. During his service, Justin was an intelligence specialist and earned two Navy Achievement Medals, a Certificate of Commendation, and a Letter of Appreciation. He served as intelligence team lead and was responsible for four subordinate battalions’ intelligence shops and a headquarters company. Upon graduation, he hopes to use his military experience and knowledge of cybersecurity in a career focused on service.

luis-sanchez-300x400Luis Sanchez is a Marine Corps veteran and a senior majoring in information technology. During his service, Luis rose to the rank of Sergeant, specializing in troubleshooting and repairs for avionics equipment and supervising its maintenance, as well. Luis hopes to combine the life lessons learned from his time in the military with his academic experiences to build a career that blends the best of both.

cynthia-tounn-300x400Cynthia Tounn is an Army veteran and a sophomore majoring in cybersecurity. In the Army, Cynthia managed the maintenance and repair of aircraft and ANIVS equipment. Cynthia is a first-generation college student and the daughter of Cambodian immigrants who are survivors of the Khmer genocide. Their belief that higher education is the key to opportunity inspired her to join the military as a means to later enroll in college. Alongside her studies, Cynthia aims to earn her CompTIA Network and CompTIA Security certificates.

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