John Bell ConstructionJohn Bell Construction, owned and led by Oscar Morejon ’13, an alumnus of FIU’s Moss Department of Construction Management at the College of Engineering and Computing, has been honored with the prestigious General Contractor of the Year award by the American Institute of Architects (AIA). This esteemed title recognizes the company’s outstanding contributions to the fields of architecture and construction.

“This remarkable achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work we set out to achieve eight years ago when we founded John Bell Construction. We take immense pride in being recognized not only for our exceptional team, but also for consistently delivering high-quality work,” Morejon said.

This esteemed award is presented to a contractor who, through the quality of their work and the professionalism of their service, has raised the standards of the building arts.

Morejon has worked hard to propel the company to new heights since its founding. The General Contractor of the Year award is a testament to John Bell Construction’s dedication to delivering exceptional projects.

“We are a company that’s young but motivated to go above and beyond. We aim to execute these complex designs that other general contractors might not want to take on,” Morejon said.

As part of their portfolio, John Bell Construction took on the task of restoring the Venetian Pool in City of Coral Gables. This project exemplifies their commitment to the preservation and enhancement of historical landmarks. The Venetian Pool is a renowned architectural gem known for its unique design and historical significance.

The recognition by the American Institute of Architects highlights the importance of collaboration between architects and contractors in creating architectural marvels. In construction, unexpected challenges like design changes, material shortages or site surprises are common. Effective communication between the architect and contractor is crucial. It helps them quickly address these issues without compromising a project’s integrity, ensuring a successful outcome.

“It is incredible to see that after just eight years since we opened this firm, our company has gone on to land some of the most prestigious awards in construction. It truly shows us that the goals we have set out to achieve have been accomplished,” Morejon said.

Oscar Morejon continues his commitment to FIU and the Moss Department of Construction Management through initiatives such as offering scholarships to first generation students and actively engaging with the College of Engineering’s Dean’s Leadership Council. He expresses profound appreciation for FIU, acknowledging its pivotal role in his life.

“FIU has played a critical part in my life. From the hands-on experience to the real-world examples professors taught me, the university gave me the foundation I proudly stand upon. I wouldn’t be where I am today without it,” Morejon said.