The Transforming Antennas Center at Florida International University in the College of Engineering and Computing is devoted to world-class research in foldable, deployable, reconfigurable, and multifunctional electromagnetic systems.

Stacked against other societal problems, a slow wireless connection may seem insignificant. Except it’s a little more complicated. A lot is at stake.

“This is really about addressing humanity’s greatest challenges,” Stavros Georgakopoulos says. Without a way to bypass delays and move data at lightning-fast speeds, society risks a period of stasis. Progress could stall across critically important areas – education, business, healthcare and medicine, remote sensing of the environment, space exploration, national security. This is unfathomable to Georgakopoulos. The FIU electrical engineer has spent 30 years developing new telecommunications technologies to keep our world moving forward.

What concerns him is our wireless communication systems. They are fast. Just not fast enough. “Big data has become a buzz word, but we’re at a point where there’s so much data to be transmitted and processed very quickly. How will we do it? We need more powerful wireless links to keep up.”

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