Cold Spray Lab

Cold spray possesses the potential for utilization in point-of-need applications, including the coating and additive manufacturing of 3D end-use parts.

At FIU’s ColRAD Lab, more than 25 researchers are conducting advanced studies in 3D printing using additive manufacturing technologies designed to aid U.S. defense forces in the repair, design and durability of high-performance materials used to manufacture next-generation vehicles and munitions. Using wire, powder, rods and lightweight aluminum with superior strength, researchers are making groundbreaking advances in 3D printing, but the innovation is not limited to military applications. Cold Spray 3D printing is already addressing significant challenges in the fields of robotics, aerospace technologies and environmental resistance. From developing excellent antibacterial coatings for biomedical use to assisting in environmental corrosion prevention in coastal communities, Cold Spray 3D printing promises to deliver solutions to a myriad of real-world problems, while helping to train the next generation of researchers, technologists and STEM professionals.

FIU’s ColRAD Lab is supported by a $22.9 million grant from the U.S. Army Research Laboratory.

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