Stephen Secules and Alexandra Coso Strong

SUCCEED was formed in 2018, in conjunction with the STEM Transformation Institute, as the first engineering and computing education department at a minority-serving institution. The school was created in alignment with the university’s vision to be a leading urban public research university focused on student learning, innovation, and collaboration.

Assistant professors Alexandra Coso Strong and Stephen Secules have been granted the National Science Foundation CAREER award, one of the most prestigious accolades for early-career faculty members. The two educators from the School of Universal Computing, Construction & Engineering Education (SUCCEED) will conduct research with the ultimate goal of working with engineering faculty to create positive educational experiences for students.

Separately, a third FIU recipient, Assistant Professor Wim Cosyn in the physics department within the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, this year earned a CAREER award for work related to nuclear theory.

Engineering is one of the most popular majors in the world. It helps students use technology to solve real world problems, and it typically comes with great economic benefits, too. Nine out of ten of the highest-paying majors are in engineering or computer science, according to PayScale data.

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