Lihua Lou in lab

Lou uses a micro-indentation system for soft and ultra-soft materials.

Lihua Lou in the College of Engineering and Computing is investigating bioengineered heart tissue

There are only so many ways to heal a broken heart, at least medically speaking. But thanks to new research, a promising treatment may be on the way.

Just ask FIU postdoctoral researcher Lihua Lou, who has been named the 2023 Early Career Stop Heart Disease Researcher of the Year by the Florida Heart Research Foundation. She is conducting research as part of an international team called CELL-MET to see how lab-made patches of tissue could repair damaged heart muscles.

CELL-MET is the National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center in Cellular Metamaterials, led by Boston University. FIU and the University of Michigan are major team members.

“It is my true honor to be recognized as this year’s Early Career Stop Heart Disease Researcher,” Lihua said. “I am incredibly proud to be a member of this research team conducting interdisciplinary research to find an innovative treatment for heart disease.”

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