Dr. Jason Liu

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With some 4,000 enrolled students, the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences turns out critical talent to fill the ever-growing demand in South Florida’s booming tech economy. An expanding faculty roster likewise is increasing the innovation research that feeds new advances in the field. Leading the dynamic enterprise is Jason Liu, an expert in computer modeling and technology who has been with the university for nearly two decades. The newly appointed director, who previously served in an interim capacity. lays out his vision at this exciting and pivotal time for the school, which resides within the College of Engineering and Computing.

What immediate goals do you have for the school?

My core goals are to boost research and student success. Our school is in the heart of a city with a flourishing technology scene, and we are rising to meet the demand. We have added 24 excellent faculty members in the past three years and our enrollment has increased by more than 1,000 students since 2018. With the substantial support we are receiving from the Knight Foundation and FIU overall, I want us to continue growing and reaching for the top.

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