Computer Code

FIU’s Knight Foundation School of Computing & Information Sciences provides a wide range of opportunities to its students, offering a range of graduate-level degree programs, in a number of disciplines. The MS in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence is an interdisciplinary degree program designed to provide studies in scientific methods, processes and system to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms. With 5 areas of concentration available, students can pursue a more specialized study in the field, obtaining a higher level of education.

When Goldman Sachs issued a report recently that estimated artificial intelligence could replace 300 million jobs around the world, doomsday headlines quickly appeared. But experts at FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing were quick to put the news in perspective. They say that AI has the potential to increase productivity and actually create new tech jobs never imagined before ― and they are preparing their students for leadership roles in the industry.

“It’s a magical time in history for our students,” says Steven Luis, the college’s executive director for technology. “We are at the beginning of the AI wave and those who jump on that wave right now are going to reap the benefits and rewards.”

While Luis recognizes the concerns about AI and understands the challenges and pitfalls that come with any new technology, he believes that there will continue to be plenty of career opportunities for students graduating from university computer and engineering programs, as well as for those already established in the field.

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