Ana Claus

Ana Claus: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering

When Ana Claus came to the U.S. from Brazil in 2016, she intended to stay only for one year and to learn English. Today, she is a patent-pending engineer recognized for her work in designing a rechargeable seawater battery system, especially important as the world looks for green and sustainable energy sources. After graduation, she is headed to Princeton University, where she will pursue a Ph.D. in mechanical and aerospace engineering.

A curious student who always loved science, Ana transferred to FIU after attending community college in Tallahassee for a year. At FIU, she discovered like-minded people who were willing to share their knowledge and encourage her scientific endeavors. It wasn’t long before she found herself at home in the research environment, at first volunteering in the Energy Materials and Biological Sensors Laboratory and then working as an undergraduate research assistant in The Battery Research Laboratory at FIU.

As her passion for green energy grew, so did her involvement in research. She was a member of FIU’s three-person, all-female team that took first place at Schneider Electric’s Go Green for North America competition with their seawater battery design. Using seawater from the ocean, the battery would be highly efficient and contain no toxic materials.

Ana has also served in a leadership capacity in several student clubs, including The Electrochemical Society (ECS) chapter at FIU and the Society of Women in Engineering. Outside the lab, Ana enjoys music and museums but prioritizes spending time with family and friends.

Written by Adrienne Sylver
College of Engineering and Computing