Congratulations to our recent patent holders. Highlights include:

Raju Rangaswami, Adnan Maruf, Ashikee Ghosh, Janki Bhimani
Machine Learning Based Tiered Memory Systems and Methods
To support the rapid growth of data-intensive computing applications, this invention uses reinforcement learning to build a low-cost, low power-consuming, yet high performance hybrid memory system composed of dynamic randomaccess memory (DRAM) and byte-addressable persistent memory.

Sharan D. Ramaswamy, Brittany Gonzalez, Ariadna Herrera, Alexander Williams
Materials and Methods for Accelerating Cardiovascular Tissue Regeneration
A procedure developed to substantially increase the biocompatible elastin-content in constructs, which will enable accelerated and complete cardiovascular tissue regeneration for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, such as congenital heart valve disease in children.

Armin Mehrabi, Mohammad Abedin
Structural Joint Damage Detector Tool
A software tool and methodology for detecting damage and deterioration of structural joints as critical elements of the existing buildings and bridges with the purpose of preventing catastrophic events.

Chunlei Wang, Nezih Pala, Omena Okpowe
Glass Scintillators and Methods of Manufacturing the Same
3D printing of glass for optical applications, such as glass-based scintillators.

Selcuk Uluagac, Kemal Akkaya, Michael Thompson, Suat Mercan, Mumin Cebe
A Cost-efficient IoT Forensics Framework with Blockchain
This invention enables efficient storage of critical information coming from remote sensors or IoT devices for provenance and digital forensics investigations.

Kemal Akkaya, Mumin Cebe
Systems and Methods for Authentication and Key Agreement in a Smart Grid
This invention enables the creation of necessary keys for ensuring security and authentication among intelligent devices in a severely constrained bandwidth environment such as Smart Grid.


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