FIU is a driver of the new South Florida tech boom. With a history of turning out highly qualified graduates who together have laid a foundation for the growing industry, the university is redoubling efforts to meet the demands of an exciting, unprecedented era.

Miami Tech, shorthand for a technology hub now in the making, has a buttress in FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing.

“This is our moment,” says John Volakis, dean of the college. “We realize that we have a responsibility to enable the Miami Tech movement, and we are taking that responsibility seriously.”

And that responsibility goes way back.

“We were here before #MiamiTech,” says Steven Luis, executive director for technology at the college, referencing the hashtag that first appeared in early tweets that called for marshaling ideas and resources in support of a concerted, communitywide initiative. “FIU has been steadily contributing to the success of the industry in Miami for years.”

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