Picture of Professor Stephen Secules at table teachingTechnology is constantly evolving and so is engineering education.

With the recently created bachelor’s degree program in interdisciplinary engineering, FIU students are exposed to a plethora of engineering disciplines. As they dive into each area of specialty, students gain an understanding of how the engineering industry operates – working across different technical engineering and science areas, plus social sciences, to broaden perspectives and foster collaboration, all while understanding the needs of clients.   

“In this major, we have a core set of classes that emphasize human-centered design and solving real-world problems in society,” said Stephen Secules, assistant professor in FIU’s School of Universal Computing, Construction, and Engineering Education (SUCCEED) 

Secules, who teaches the new Foundations of Interdisciplinary Engineering course, instills in his students the notion that the class is about “learning to learn,” reflecting the continuously changing workplace of tomorrow.   

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