In this day and age, there’s a feeling that hackers lurk around every corner waiting to take advantage of innocent people — through the internet, your credit card, even your smart home devices. A team of FIU researchers are studying how to prevent individuals and businesses from an unsuspected vulnerability — HDMI ports.

“In the past, people didn’t know about or pay attention to the security of these devices,” said FIU Professor Selcuk Uluagac, director of the College of Engineering and Computing’s Cyber-Physical Systems Security Lab (CSL). “Anything is on the table when it comes to hacking.”

The CSL studies the intersection of the cybersecurity and privacy fields. Cyber-physical systems involve any computing device that can interact with the physical world – such as an Amazon Echo, a drone, or an Apple Watch. The goal of CSL is to find ways to make the digital infrastructure we use and interact with every day more secure against malicious activities.

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