Collins Vaye recalls the answer his 10th-grade physics teacher gave when Vaye asked the class, “What is engineering?” His teacher responded, “engineering is the application of math and science to solve real-world problems.”

The term, solve real-world problems, stuck with Vaye, a computer engineering graduate student, who plans to improve engineering education systems in his home country of Liberia and other developing countries.

Growing up in Liberia, a country filled with richness in terms of natural resources like diamonds, gold and vast agricultural land, but considered one of the poorest countries in the world, Vaye faced challenges that other students did, too. The absence of internet connectivity, a lack of equipment in research laboratories and minimum access to educational resources are some of the many obstacles young students face, hindering their education. Vaye says a 14-year civil war that took place in Liberia severely affected the country’s educational system as well.


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