Every semester the College of Engineering and Computing organizes a special ceremony called the Induction to the Profession Ceremony to recognize its graduating students and induct them into the Order of the Engineer, the Order of the Constructor or the Order of the Computing Profession, depending on major.

The Order of the Engineer, Constructor, and Computing Profession is modeled after the Canadian Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer. The Orders were initiated in the United States to foster a spirit of pride and responsibility in their respective profession, to bridge the gap between training and experience, and to present to the public a visible symbol identifying the engineer, constructor, or computing professional.


Congratulations to the following students who were recognized at the Spring 2017 Induction to the Profession Ceremony:

Winners of the Outstanding Bachelor’s Degree Award

Mary Ellen Crist – Civil Engineering
Lazaro Gonzalez Chiu – Information Technology
Sarah Bird – Environmental Engineering
Geeticka Chauhan – Computer Science
Mateo Retrepo – Mechanical Engineering
Agnes Arrinda – Biomedical Engineering
Luisa Valderrama – Electrical Engineering
Piero Caceres – Computer Engineering
Melissa Arcila – Construction Management

Winner of the Outstanding Doctoral Degree Award

Daria Boglaienko – Civil Engineering

Special Recognition

A special congrats also to Dr. Boesl, who was recognized as an FIU Top Scholar this year in the category of Junior Faculty with Significant Grant Funding in the Sciences.