Executive Director for Technology

Phone: 305.348.6215
Email: luiss@cs.fiu.edu

Mr. Luis serves as Executive Director for Technology in FIU’s College of Engineering and Computing. Over the last thirty years he has successfully lead higher education IT research and instructional enterprise services for one of the state’s largest Engineering and Computing programs. He manages cluster computing/networking platform and professional IT support services. Mr. Luis collaborates with FIU faculty, industry research staff, and government agencies on computing related R&D, via the acquisition and execution of millions of dollars in state, local, and federal funded projects, industry contracts. He conducts business development and outreach for the South Florida IT industry and created with management the SCIS Executive Industry Advisory Board. He has overseen dozens of in-house software development projects, establishing business requirements, designing software frameworks, implementing, and deploying them for administrative or R&D purposes.

— Technology Director for the Integrated Computer Augmented Virtual Environment (ICAVE). We develop Virtual Reality experiences for data visualization and training.

— Technology Director for the Disaster Information Management Lab and project manager for the Business Continuity Information Network (BCIN, www.bizrecovery.org). Leading both technical and business development aspects for the BCIN project, he developed and coordinates the public and private sector activities, manages system software requirements, and shares design responsibilities.

Mr. Luis holds a Masters in Computer Science from Florida International University.

Computing research use of IT
IT support services in Higher Education
Disaster Informatics Research
Mobile Computing
Agile Development
Intellectual property development in computing research
Administrative Software System Consulting