Andres-Tremante-fiu-college-engineering-computing Headshot

Director, ENLACE

Phone: 305.348.0149

Professor Andres Tremante is the new director of the CD-SSEC in the College of Engineering and Computing. In this position, Dr. Tremante is responsible for all aspects of the College’s K-12 programs and pre-college STEM activities, working closely with the college advisors and associate deans to improve student success, graduation & retention rates, and in advancing the mission of the college. He will also support the Industry-University Cooperative Programs and the ERC’s areas for PATHS-UP and CELL-MET. He is also the deputy director of the CELL-MET.

Professor Tremante received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar and his doctoral degree from Arts et Métiers Paris Tech. He joined FIU in 2008 after 25 years of experience in Europe and Latin America, mostly in academia and the oil industry. He brings forward a long record of teaching, scholarly research, academic service and strong credentials for leadership as the director of CD-SSEC.