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Marcelle Santiago

Grants Administrator

Office: 2456


Maria Benincasa

Assistant Director of Research Program and Services

Office: EC 2427
Phone: 305.348.6878

Donaley Dorsett Headshot

Donaley Dorsett

Assistant Director, Building Operation

Office: EC 2468
Phone: 305.348.1197

Vanessa-Faz-fiu-college-engineering-computing Headshot

Vanessa Faz

Grants Administrator

Office: EC 2458
Phone: 305.348.8414
Email :

Scott-Graham-fiu-college-engineering-computing-300x300 Headshot

Scott Graham

Assistant Director, Research Programs

Office: CASE 243B
Phone: 305.348.3946


Marilyn Torres

Grants Assistant

Office: EC 2457
Phone: 305.348.2066

Lian-Zhang-fiu-college-engineering-computing-300x300 Headshot

Lian Zhang

Finance Manager

Phone: 305.348.1038