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Ines Triay Melendez

Interim Dean, College of Engineering & Computing ; Executive Director, Applied Research Center

Dr. Ines Triay is the Interim Dean of the College of Engineering of Computing and the Executive Director for the Applied Research Center. Dr. Triay has been at FIU for 12 years as ARC’s Director, and most recently served as our college’s Associate Dean for Research Innovation and Technology where she has worked closely with the Knight Foundation to maximize the impact of resources on the growth of computing and information science at FIU.

Dr. Triay is a foremost expert on environmental management and has worked tirelessly in this area as a researcher, a visionary leader and a manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Department of Energy, and FIU. At the U.S. Department of Energy, she managed the largest, most complex nuclear environmental cleanup program in the world as Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management, a Presidential appointment, confirmed by the U.S. Senate, with a budget of $6 billion per annum, and a workforce of 34,000 at 114 sites across the U.S. Dr. Triay has been widely recognized for her many accomplishments in science and engineering including the Los Alamos Distinguished Performance Award, Presidential Rank Award, the DOE Secretary Exceptional Service Award, the National Award for Nuclear Science, and the Dixie Lee Ray Award from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

Office: EC 2174
Phone: 305.348.4238

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Mark Allen Weiss

Distinguished University Professor, Interim Vice Dean

mark-weiss-cv-fiu-college-engineering-computing Mark Allen Weiss is the Interim Vice Dean at the College of Engineering Computing (CEC) and a Distinguished University Professor at the Knight Foundation School of Computing and Information Sciences (KFSCIS) at FIU. He served for more than six years as the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education until recently and as Interim Founding Director of the School of Universal Computing, Construction, and Engineering EDucation (SUCCEED) between 2018 and 2021, having previously served for nine years as Associate Director of the School of Computing and Information Sciences. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from the Cooper Union in 1983, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University in 1987, after which he joined FIU. His interests include data structures,algorithms, and education. He is most well-known for his highly-acclaimed Data Structures textbooks, which have been used by a generation of students. Read More.

Office: EC 2443
Phone: 305.348.2036