Bethania-Cabrera-fiu-college-engineering-computing Headshot

Bethania Cabrera

Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources Operations

As the Director of Administrative Services and Human Resources Operations in the College of Engineering and Computing, Bethania holds the most senior HR role in the College, reporting directly to the College Dean. Bethania influences and executes the Human Resources strategy for the College. Leads a team of five HR employees and supports approximately 1,000 people, including Faculty, Admin/Staff, and temporary workers primarily based on two campuses. Before joining FIU, Bethania spent 15 years of her career at JPMorgan Chase, where she had the opportunity to serve as a Finance Manager based in New York before becoming a Human Resources Manager based in Orlando. Both roles had a global scope and allowed her to manage employees and support clients across the United States and internationally.

Office: EC 2473
Phone: 305.348.5475

Heidi Diaz Headshot

Heidi Diaz

Heidi Diaz is the Administrative Service Coordinator for the Dean’s Office. Heidi holds a Master’s in Human Resource Management from FIU. In addition, she has a Master’s in Management and Productivity and a Bachelor’s in Tourism and Hotel Administration. Heidi has over ten years of international professional experience in different administrative areas, including Human Resources recruitment, onboarding, immigration, and payroll. She has extensive customer service experience, including serving as a liaison for employees. Heidi describes herself as someone “always driven to learn so that I can become the best version of myself day after day.” She enjoys spending time with family, reading online recipes, and making nice desserts.

Office: EC 2454A
Phone: 305.348.3526

Saradia-Lerouge-fiu-college-engineering-advisor-300x300 Headshot

Saradia Lerouge

Human Resources Coordinator

Office: EC 2620
Phone: 305.348.4815

adriana-velado-fiu-college-engineering-computing-300x300 Headshot

Adriana Velado

Senior HR Specialist

Office: EC 2452
Phone: 305.348.3459

Headshot of Maureen Braham

Maureen Braham

Office Coordinator

Office: CASE 347
Phone: 305.348.6636