Mercedes Rueda Schott

Director, Division of External Programs

Office: EC 2473
Phone: 305.348.2801


Sandeep Varry

Application Developer II

Sandeep Varry works as an application developer for the Division of External Programs (DEP). He handles the web and technology needs for DEP and assists in marketing and communications for DEP and the College of Engineering and Computing. Sandeep also oversees the social media communications for the college.

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Office: EC 2450
Phone: 305.348.7967


Natalie K. Del Sol-Nunez

Program Manager, International Programs

Natalie K. Del Sol- Nunez is the program manager at the College of Engineering and Computing and provides administrative support to the Division of External Programs (DEP) team. She has worked in the Division of External Programs as a program manager for the last three years. She received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from FIU in 2006 and a Master of Arts in Latin american and Caribbean studies from FIU in 2017.

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Office: EC 2454B
Phone: 305.348-1673


Jacqueline Herrera

Account Manager

Office: EC 2450A
Phone: 305.348.2146


Khokiat Kengskool

Director of International Programs, Southeast Asia

Office: EC 3122
Phone: 305.348.1094


Kang K. Yen

Professor and Assistant Provost (China Program) | Director, International Program Development

Office: EC 3172
Phone: 305.348.3037
Email :


Cathleen Carvajal

Program Specialist

Cathleen is a Program Specialist and she provides support to the Division of External Programs (DEP) in their day-to-day operations. Her duties include handling inquiries, clerical work and providing assistance in coordinating for professional, continuing education, executive education, global programs and distance education programs. She also assists in organizing events hosted by DEP.

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Office: EC 2400
Phone: 305.348.1949


Chenxi Dong

Student Assistant

Office: EC 2400
Phone: 305.348.1673


Katerine Gonzalez

Junior Account Manager

Office: EC 2400
Phone: 305.348.1087

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