Women are a growing force in engineering and computer science. According to the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), women earned 21.9% of bachelor’s degrees, 26.7% of master’s degrees and 23.6% of doctoral degrees in engineering in the US as of 2018. This is a continuation of the decade long upward trend in the proportion of women earning engineering degrees at all levels of higher education. Focusing on the bachelor’s degree level, the entry point into engineering, women have seen a 53% increase in degrees awarded between 2010 and 2018.  

FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing is committed to providing our students the best of the best in WorldsAhead education. We are here to serve our students and enable their careers, entrepreneurship and passion in life. We are also dedicated to providing opportunities and services to our female faculty and students to align their interests and goals with careers in engineering and computer science.

“One thing I wished more women would have shared with me when I was a student was that I DID belong here, in engineering. So here is me saying to you that You DO belong here. You already are an engineer, a computer scientist, a leader.”

​Dr. Alexandra Strong
Assistant Professor,


Degrees earned by women in engineering and computer science at the
College of Engineering & Computing as of academic year 2019


of Bachelor Degrees


of Master Degrees


of Doctoral Degrees

We have several units, including the Center for Diversity and Student Success and the School of Universal Computing, Construction, and Engineering Education (SUCCEED), each dedicated to broaden the participation of women and minorities in STEM degrees, empower middle and high school girls to follow STEM careers, and foster industry connections for all women and underrepresented groups in engineering and computer science. 

Outside of the classroom, student organizations bring inspiring women speakers and host informative workshops, and lots of opportunities for outreach, travel, networking and social engagement. 

Read about our programs and activities geared towards enriching the academic careers of our female engineering and computer science students and faculty at FIU.

photo of faculty member with text that has number of pioneering faculty
photo of professor Ranu Jung and prosthetic device with text that says 44 patents
photo of professor with text that says 11 NSF career awards
photo of circuit boards with text annual research amount

FIU is among the top 50 universities in the nation in the number of
engineering bachelor’s degrees awarded to women

*Source: ASEE 2018 Engineering Statistics

Women of CEC In The News

FIU among the nation’s top research universities

FIU among the nation’s top research universities

FIU has been recognized as an institution with “highest research activity,” or R1 category, since 2015. This classification represents the highest level of research activity for doctorate-granting universities in the U.S. In the new Carnegie review, less than 3 percent of universities, from a total of 4,665 were classified as R1.

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FIU is Producing Patents Like Never Before

FIU is Producing Patents Like Never Before

FIU has grown its patent production by 650 percent seemingly overnight. In the years 2014 and 2015, university researchers earned a total of eight patents. In 2016 and 2017, the two-year total catapulted to 60 patents. The university’s rapid
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