Make An Impact and Support Tomorrow’s Future!

The FIU’s Women of Engineering & Computing may come from different walks of life, but they share a passion for their fields and for changing lives, which serves as an inspiration to others.


FIU’s Women of Engineering & Computing highlights the work that our faculty, staff, alumni and students are pursuing. The goal is to recruit students who are STEM-interested, strengthen the pipeline for female students in grades K-12, provide the community with opportunities to explore STEM, and provide sponsored lectures and round table discussions.

With your support to promote the FIU’s Women of CEC, you will be inspiring the next generation of females to join the STEM field and strengthen their affinity to FIU, through the following:


  • Creating a thriving engineering college that supports women
  • Attracting and retaining the best students
  • Growing the number of female students who are enrolled in engineering programs
  • Increase the number of female engineers who graduate from FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing
  • Supporting female students to compete nationally and internationally
  • Research opportunities for our students
  • Mentorship opportunities

By showcasing the accomplishment of FIU’s Women of CEC, we can continue to inspire young women to pursue STEM and to attend FIU!

Anything and everything you provide will help support our students’ futures!

No gift is too small.