Certification program FIU help job seekers break into booming construction field
August 01, 2018
Constructing a trade – Certification program to start at FIU to help job seekers break into the booming construction field 
The Miami times
July 06, 2018
FIU secures patent for instantly rechargeable battery technology
South Florida Business Journal
June 21, 2018
Commemorating the longest day of the year via FIU and FPL partnership 
Miami’s Community Newspapers
May 08, 2018
Service dog makes FIU history, receives certificate of completion 
WSVN Channel 7 
May 07, 2018
University to school grad students in airline data analytics 
Travel Weekly 
May 01, 2018
Twin sisters graduate from FIU with master’s degrees, job offers 
WSVN Channel 7
April 27, 2018
Don’t want to be hit for extras on your flight? Bots and FIU could help 
Miami Herald

April 24, 2018
No Sophia the Robot, but eMerge Americas features soccer-playing robots and other innovations 
Sun Sentinel

April 16, 2018
Tech leaders upbeat about future of IoT industry in Florida 
Crain’s Orlando

March 10, 2018
Florida International University installs first-of-its-kind pedestrian bridge 
ABC Local 10 News

Wall of Wind Receives 2018 CHARLES PANKOW AWARD for innovation
March 06, 2018
Wall of Wind Receives 2018 CHARLES PANKOW AWARD for innovation 

February 20, 2018
Mohammad Hadi, professor of transportation engineering at FIU, discusses how autonomous vehicles can improve traffic flow. 
Miami Herald

February 06, 2018
FIU’s Dr. Andres Tremante talks to Univision about SPACEX’s launch of the most powerful rocket in the world with a Tesla on-board. 
Noticiero Univision

January 31, 2018
Artificial Intelligence: Convenience or threat? 
el Nuevo Herald

December 29, 2017
Connect U: FIU offers students specialized training in smart devices.” 
WSVN Channel 7

November 21, 2017
FIU PhD students are interviewed by NBC 6 South Florida. See video “Facebook Quizzes Can Give Personal Data to Obscure Companies.” 
NBC 6 South Florida

November 13, 2017
Tech groups encourage kids to code — especially girls 
Miami Herald

November 02, 2017
FIU Looks to Future With ‘Internet of Things’ Degree 
NBC 6 South Florida

September 21, 2017
John L. Volakis has been appointed dean of FIU’s College of Engineering & Computing 
Florida Trend

August 06, 2017
Verizon Program Encourages Minority Male Youngsters to Pursue STEM Studies 
Diverse Education

August 04, 2017
Students got to race their cars just like NASCAR drivers — only they built them, too 
Miami Herald

July 13, 2017
First-of-its-kind master’s in enterprise logistics to prepare students for the workforce 
Miami’s Community Newspapers

July 10, 2017
FIU Unveils First IoT Degree Program in US 
Miami Patch

June 23, 2017
Want to make your smart phone talk to your toaster? New FIU degree may be for you. 
Miami Herald

June 08, 2017
This hurricane season could be a big one: Check your home’s defenses. See suggestions by Jose Mitrani, associate professor emeritus in the school of construction. 
Sun Herald

June 04, 2017
Why don’t Miami drivers use turn signals? It’s complicated. See quote by Mohammed Hadi, a professor of transportation engineering at Florida International University’s College of Engineering and Computing. 
Miami Herald

May 30, 2017
How First-Generation Students See College – featuring three FIU students which include Julian Rozo, a mechanical engineering major from Bogota, Colombia.  
The New York Times

May 09, 2017
At FIU, coding and friendship inspire the next generation of women in IT. 
Miami’s Community Newspapers

1st Qtr 2017
FIU shines spotlight on Materials Science Research. 

April 27, 2017
FIU’s Dr. Iyengar talks to NBC on how the FCC is putting an end to cell phone use in prisons. Watch the video.
NBC 6 South Florida

FDA Approves FIU Tech That Could Help Amputees Feel
March 31, 2017
FDA Approves FIU Tech That Could Help Amputees Feel
CBS Miami

Elon Musk enters the world of brain-computer interfaces - FIU's Dr Khizroev and his team use magnetoelectric particles.
March 30, 2017
Elon Musk enters the world of brain-computer interfaces. Also, FIU’s Dr Khizroev and his team use magnetoelectric particles so tiny that they can interact with the electric field generated by an individual nerve cell.
The Economist

FDA aprueba primera prueba de prótesis de mano que restaura el sentido del tacto
March 28, 2017
Aprueban primera prueba de prótesis de mano que restaura el sentido del tacto.
el Nuevo Herald

Meet the FIU professor who created program that can beat the poker pros.
March 14, 2017
Meet the FIU professor who created program that can beat the poker pros.
Miami Herald

Give your old phone a new job
March 6, 2017
Irtishad Ahmad, a civil and structural engineer who is director of the school of construction, discusses One Thousand Museum by the late superstar architect Zaha Hadid.
Miami Herald

Give your old phone a new job
March 1, 2017
Give your old phone a new job – see video
NBC 6 South Florida

FIU students develop solution for protecting smart homes during disasters
February 22, 2017
FIU students discuss what to do with old cell phones

FIU students develop solution for protecting smart homes during disasters
February 16, 2017
FIU students develop solution for protecting smart homes during disasters
Digital Trends

Controlling a prosthesis with your brain - Ou Bai PhD from Florida International University
February 07, 2017
Controlling a prosthesis with your brain – Ou Bai PhD from Florida International University
Science Daily

Sam Ganzfried-assistant professor at Florida International University-poker-artificial-intelligence
January 23, 2017
Why Poker Is a Big Deal for Artificial Intelligence – comments by Sam Ganzfried, an assistant professor at Florida International University.
MIT Technology Review

October 24, 2016
NSF grant to increase computer science graduates in Florida
Florida Trend

October 12, 2016
Can We Capture Energy From a Hurricane? – FIU’s very own Dr. Arindam Gan Chowdhury and his team test their Aerodynamic Mitigation and Power System (AMPS)
Smithsonian Magazine

October 05, 2016
Hurricane Matthew takes aim at South Florida’s construction boom – Jose A. Faria, a senior instructor with the school of construction, is interviewed
Miami Herald

August 29, 2016
FIU Professor On Turnpike Holes: Miami-Dade’s Infrastructure Gets D+
CBS Channel 4

August 28, 2016
FIU assistant professor of computer science at Florida International University approaches poker as both a player and scientist

August 18, 2016
Dangers of Unsecured Surveillance Cameras featuring Dr. Selcuk Uluagac who leads the Cyber Physical Systems Security at FIU
NBC Channel 6

August 08, 2016
FIU’s Miami PREP Program featured in Learn To Dream: High schoolers experience college classes
WSVN Channel 7

July 28, 2016
FIU’s Wall of Wind – Watch a house blow apart in 140-mph hurricane winds
Palm Beach Post

July 22, 2016
Showing girls the way to careers in STEM
Miami Herald

July 06, 2016 Science Without Borders Program at FIU
NBC 6 South Florida

May 10, 2016 Twins at top of class, forge path for minority women in tech world
Miami Herald

May 10, 2016 Twins at top of class
NBC 6 South Florida

May 10, 2016 Twin graduates pave the way for women in STEM
CBS Miami

May 10, 2016 South Florida grads who confronted adversity share their stories
7Online WSVN-TV

May 10, 2016 Twins graduate FIU’s College of Engineering with Top GPAs

May 10, 2016 Twin graduates pave the way for women in STEM
Miami’s Community Newspapers

May 10, 2016 Identical Florida twins share top honors at college graduation
WFTV Orlando

April 27, 2016 Inauguran complejo de energía solar en sede de FIU (In Spanish)
El Nuevo Herald

April 27, 2016 FPL and FIU unveil solar research facility
Sun Sentinel

February 9, 2016 Florida International University Applies All of Netwon’s Laws to Squeeze Big Performance From a Small Engine
Hot Rod Magazine

January 6, 2016 Professor Andrew Tremante explains what it means to have a nuclear-bomb and what effects it would have on the population (In Spanish)

December 11, 2015 How These Female Engineering Students Are Working to Boost Their Ranks
NBC News

December 7, 2015 Building a bridge in a day: Miami conference shows ’em how
Miami Herald

October 15, 2015 Atorod Azizinamini Recognition Plaque
South Florida Business Journal

October 13, 2015 FIU researchers safeguarding utilities from cyber attacks
Miami Herald

AUGUST 26, 2015 FIU unveils its new Tech Station
Miami Herald

JUNE 4, 2015 FPL and FIU join forces on innovative solar research facility
Miami Herald

FEB 19, 2015 Robocop for real
FOX News

NOV 21, 2014 For school project, next stop is outer space
Miami Herald

OCT 28, 2014 2014 Cybersecurity Awards: Winners Succeed in a Growing Threat Landscape
Government Technology

OCT 1, 2014 Giant machines help South Florida dissect hurricanes

SEPT 29, 2014 FIU Program Helping Students Beat Tough Odds
NBC 6 South Florida

SEPT 15, 2014 Money Monday: Top Money Making Majors
WSVN Channel 7

SEPT 10, 2014 ‘Engineers on Wheels’ Roll into Florida Schools
T.H.E. Journal

SEPT 9, 2014 FIU y Chysler llevan las carreras STEM a las escuelas
El Nuevo Herald

SEPT 9, 2014 The ABCs of higher education are changing; will Latino students keep up?

AUG 21, 2014 Interview with Shekhar Bhansali, Alcatel-Lucent professor and chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering on Cortisol detection research
880 AM Radio

MAY 23, 2014 FIU students researching cutting-edge car charging technology
Miami Herald

MAY 21, 2014 High school students test wind challenge designs
Miami Herald

MAY 18, 2014  FIU hurricane simulator on display in DC
Miami Herald

MAY 7, 2014 Hot topic: healthcare technology innovation at eMerge Americas conference
Miami Herald

APR 11, 2014 FIU students exposed to a display in patience
Miami Herald

FEB 12, 2014 Real-life ‘Robocop’ helps wounded officers, vets work
Fox News

FEB 11, 2014 This Robot Cop Could Bring Disabled Officers Into The Field
Popular Science

JAN 28, 2014: FIU engineers use origami to design antennas
Miami Herald

JAN 26, 2014: How Can Supercomputers Survive a Drought?

NOV 20, 2013: Strategic Partnership Between ANSYS And Florida International University Provides Valuable Electromagnetic Simulation Tools To Engineering Students
Market Watch: The Wall Street Journal

OCT 18, 2013: Nanoparticle Helps Eradicate an Ovarian Tumor in a Day
IEEE Spectrum

OCT 15, 2013: 3D magnetic storage breakthrough enables 100TB+ hard drives
Extreme Tech

OCT 11, 2013: $720 million later: A scorecard of progress at region’s biotech programs
South Florida Business Journal

SEPT 30, 2013: Researchers receive $2 million NSF Grant to develop unique origami-shaped antennas

AUG 22, 2013: Interest in engineering booms at local universities
Miami Today

JUL 13, 2013: New grid may cause more James River Bridge crashes
The Virginian-Pilot

JUN 21, 2013: Ft. Lauderdale construction company donates $250,000 for new FIU lab
Miami Herald

JUN 20, 2013: Maria Quintero: How I found a job after graduation
CNN Money

JUN 13, 2013: How To Stand Out For The Right Reasons
Huffington Post

MAY 31, 2013: Research Florida: Portable Imaging – Anuradha Godavarty
Florida Trend

MAY 31, 2013: Is Your Home in Shape for Hurricane Season?
Fox Business

MAY 28, 2013: Wall of Wind’ Helps USAID Test Shelters for Hurricane Relief
USAID Impact Blog

APR 29, 2013: Bridge On The Brink: The Bear Cut Bridge To Key Biscayne
CBS4 Miami


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