Through the Ignite, FIU employees are encouraged to make a generous donation to the FIU fund of his or her choice. Through employee gifts, FIU will ignite creativity, discovery and innovation, as well as strengthen the financial foundation needed for FIU to ascend to the next level of excellence. This campaign allows FIU employees to direct their gifts to a unit of FIU or to invest in a particular program or initiative they are passionate about. They may also choose to make an unrestricted gift, providing FIU a flexible source of funding to meet its greatest needs.

Every FIU faculty and staff member, current and retired, has an important stake in the success of this campaign. Through the Ignite Campaign, we are telling the world that more than anyone else, we are wholeheartedly aware of the University’s ongoing and future needs. Our support stands as a strong statement to outsiders who consider providing financial support to FIU through gifts, endowments and grants. They see that we, the faculty and staff, are already invested and that they are not alone. This is the true power of Ignite! Together, we provide the sparks that Ignite potential in the students, projects, and programs that will advance our FIU to the Next Horizon.

Below is a list of funds created at the College of Engineering and Computing to support engineering and computer science students. We encourage you to direct your gifts to the funds listed below or to any other +200 giving opportunities to support FIU students and staff in need of financial assistance.

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering Department

    The Civil and Environmental Engineering department at FIU is home to a world-class faculty and three pioneering research centers. Our graduates are working […]

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  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Fund

    The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to provide excellence in undergraduate education so that our graduates become critical thinkers, […]

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  • First Generation Scholarships for Engineering & Computing Students

    FIU’s First Generation Scholarship Program brings the American Dream within reach of our first generation students, those who are first in their families […]

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  • Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award

    The Melita Jaric Memorial Travel Award was established by members of the university community in memory of graduate/PhD student Melita Jaric who passed […]

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  • SCIS Discovery Lab

    Funds will help the laboratory acquire key design and development tools it needs to advance its mission and will go toward workstations, servers and […]

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  • STRykER: BME Student Fund

    The faculty and staff of FIU represent a dynamic community of individuals who have joined together to support our Undergraduate and Graduate students by […]

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  • Student Competition & Senior Design Fund

    Many FIU students do not have the financial resources to participate in team competitions or contribute equally to senior design projects. A fund can […]

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