Research Labs and Centers

fiu-college-engineering-computing-research-labs-450x300College of Engineering and Computing has several research labs, centers and experimental facilities that provide access to undergraduate research students and graduate students to high-end instruments, cutting edge technologies and services.

Engineering Manufacturing Center

fiu-college-engineering-computing-engineering-manufacturing-center-450x300The Engineering Manufacturing Center provides students and researchers with expert advice and assistance for any course or research project where manufacturing is required. Many students use the Center’s services for assistance with their Senior Design (capstone) project. The Center assists all FIU students and staff across the University. It houses a wide array of manufacturing equipment including CNC machine tools, hand tools, rapid prototyping, measurement and inspection. The student machine shop provides students with the opportunity to work on projects at their own pace 24/7.

Student Machine Shop

fiu-college-engineering-computing-machine-shop-450x300The student machine shop provides CEC students with the opportunity to work on projects at their own pace.  Student clubs such as Formula SAE, Mini-Baja and Aero Club frequently use the shop.  Students must go through a safety certification process to use the facility.  For more information contact Mr. Richard Zicarelli.

Robotics and Digital Fabrication Laboratory

fiu-college-engineering-computing-robotics-lab-450x300The Robotics and Digital Fabrication Laboratory (RDF) is a state-of-the-art facility with robotic arms, 3D scanners, laser cutters, programmable objects, and 3D printers. Located in PCA building in MMC campus, the lab offers unique technology solutions for design, testing, prototyping, and fabrication.