Every academic department in the College of Engineering & Computing publishes specific flowcharts for its programs.  A flowchart illustrates the requirements for the major, the suggested combination of courses to enroll every semester to graduate in four years as well as core course pre-requisites. It may also include electives available within the program.

Note that the program flowchart is only ONE OF MANY TOOLS used in academic advising and DOES NOT REPLACE the academic advisor’s role in advising the student.  The most commonly observed mistake that many of our students make is self-advising. This includes making unadvised decisions or asking a friend without consulting the academic advisor. This can lead to taking unnecessary courses, delaying graduation or incurring in additional tuition costs. When in doubt, always meet/consult with your academic advisor.

Also note that program curricula are always evolving. ALWAYS make sure you have the most recent copy of the program flowchart for your major as there may be changes that can affect your plan of study.  Changes include updated pre-requisites, new or eliminated program requirements, new or updated course offerings, etc.