Current students should meet with their assigned academic advisor at least once a semester.  On certain instances an advisor may require more meetings per semester when academic progress is not sufficient. First year discontinued and students with GPA < 2.5 should expect an advising hold.  An advising hold will prevent a student from registering for courses. Only an academic advisor can remove the hold once a formal advising session has taken place. Students are encouraged to be proactive in meeting their academic advisor early on to avoid advising peak time delays.  Recommended timeline is as follows:

  • Summer and Fall Dual Term Advising and Registration: beginning on March 1.
  • Spring Term Advising and Registration: beginning on October 1.

Advisors can help prepare student-specific plans of study to assist students with term-by-term course planning and anticipation of graduation term.  Appointments are required for advisors to prepare plans of study.

Graduation: Students are encouraged to meet with their advisors to ensure that there are no delays in the graduation process. A final graduation requirement check in advance of the start of the expected graduation semester is especially recommended.   In this meeting, the advisor reviews and reminds the student of any unmet program requirements –department, college, university– and how to meet them along with any applicable deadlines.

All students must apply for graduation prior by the corresponding deadline.  Failure to do so will push graduation back unnecessarily. To apply for graduation, students must log into their MyFIU portal and select “Apply for Graduation” under the Academics drop down menu. Graduation application deadlines and additional information are available on the Academic Calendar page at as well as