Effective summer 2015 students must be able to place in MAC 2311 (Calculus I) or higher in order to declare their major into Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Students who desire to pursue these majors but are not able place in MAC 2311 (Calculus I) may be assigned to the Exploratory Physical Sciences and Engineering major and can declare major in engineering or computer science only after they meet this requirement. In addition, the student’s GPA must be 2.00 or higher.

Placement requirements for MAC 2311 Calculus I:

(Minimum grade C or better)

  • MAC 1105 (College Algebra)
  • MAC 1140 (Pre Calculus Algebra) +
  • MAC 1114 (Trigonometry)


  • MAC 1147 (Pre Calculus Algebra and Trigonometry)

You will need to satisfy all the math pre-requisites listed in order to be fully admitted into any of the majors described above. Once you meet these requirements an academic advisor will assist you in admitting you to your selected major.

* If you are a first time in college (FTIC) student, you may be able to place in MAC 2311 (Calculus I) as follows:

  • ALEKS® math placement assessment: score of 75 or higher. This examination is required for all new FTIC students.

For detailed information: https://mathstat.fiu.edu/

For ALEKS® registration: www.aleks.com/fiu

  • Dual Enrollment coursework:
  • MAC 1105 + MAC 1140 + MAC 1114 or MAC 1147 with grade C or better
  • MAC 2311: Grade C or better
  • Advanced Placement (AP) Examinations:
  • Credit for MAC 2311: MAB or MBC Exams – score 3 or higher
  • A Level (Cambridge AICE):
  • Credit for MAC 2311: ‘Further Mathematics’ or ‘Mathematics’ Exams – score A Level.
  • IB (International Baccalaureate):
  • Credit for MAC 2311: Mathematics Exam – score of 4 or higher
  • CAPE (Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination):
  • Pure Mathematics Unit 1 or Unit 2 with scores I, II, III, IV, or V

Once you have submitted your scores the University will review them and determine if you are eligible for placement in Calculus I or higher. For more information on AP, A Level, IB and CAPE equivalencies please go to http://undergrad.fiu.edu/transfer/credit-by-exam.html.


* If you are a transfer student i.e. you have previously attended other institutions of higher learning, you may be able to be admitted to your major if you have the following:

  • Transfer credit equivalent to the placement requirements for MAC 2311 listed above.
  • Transfer credit equivalent for MAC 2311 Calculus I or higher.
  • Through the test credits described above.

You must provide official transcripts / test results from each institution attended or agency for coursework or examinations to be considered for credit. Transcripts / results must be official, sealed and received by FIU’s Office of Admissions. For more information visit: http://undergrad.fiu.edu/transfer/credit-policy.html.

You may need to provide course descriptions to verify transferability and equivalency as directed by your academic advisor. Upon verification, eligibility for admission into engineering and computer science majors will be determined and processed accordingly by the corresponding academic advisor.

If it is determined that the student cannot be placed in Calculus I the student may continue studies as an Exploratory Physical Sciences and Engineering major and will be able to declare major in engineering or computer science only after this requirement is met. In addition the student’s FIU GPA must be at least 2.0 to declare major in engineering or computer science.


FIU – Engineering Advising Center
(For Engineering Majors Only)
10555 W. Flagler Street – EC 2760
Miami, FL 33174
Ph: 305-348-0273

FIU – CIS Advising Center
(For Computer Science / IT Majors Only)
11200 SW 8th Street – EC 280
Miami, FL 33199
Ph: 305-348-7936


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