Engineering and Computing Annual Report 2015

Engineering Management

Department Overview

In 2014-15, the Engineering Management program continues its three program offerings: regular, professional and Jamaica with two full time faculty members, plus the program director, adjunct professors, and affiliated faculty from both the Business College and the Law School. Dr. Kim left in early summer 2014. A new MSEM Online program was launched in January 2015, while the first cohort with UCC in Jamaica was completed in May 2015.

Faculty Highlights

a.      Each full time faculty was assigned to teach eight courses in this academic year, of which some were new and fully online.

b.     Dr. Karen Schmahl served as an ABET evaluator and was also asked to help review some ABET procedures and rules.

Student Highlights

Two Fulbright scholars graduated from the MSEM program.

Three Fulbright scholars were accepted to the MSEM program.

Nine students in the Enterprise Systems Track took part in the SAP Terp-10 certification exam in May 2015, and all nine passed the exam and were certified by SAP as a junior consultant.

Community Engagement

c.      Worked closely with the One Community One Goal (OCOG) Academic Leaders Council (ALC) and the Beacon Council, focusing on trade and logistics initiatives. Several meetings and events were held on FIU, in the Beacon Council and at some member companies.

d.     Worked closely with the FIU Engagement and Development Divisions to visit companies and initiate collaborations and internships.

Initiated a collaborative effort with St. Petersburg College to add a new technical track in the MSEM program for students graduated from its Orthotics and Prosthetics Program.

Research and Funding

One journal published and one accepted

$24K funded by the FIU Technology Fee on “SAP in FIU project.”

Fall Term Enrollment

Fall 2014:         136

e.      Spring 2015:          145

f.       Summer 2015: 103

Degrees Awarded

Fall 2014:                   40

Spring 2015:               31

Summer 2015:  20

Sponsored Research Awards