Engineering and Computing Annual Report 2014

Engineering Management


Engineering Management is the signature program of the college, built at the cross section of engineering, business, and law. Engineering Management is one of the largest master’s programs in the college. It enrolled 119 and graduated 89 students this past year. Among them there are two Fulbright Scholars. The program offers specializations in enterprise systems, systems engineering, logistics engineering, and engineering entrepreneurship. Moreover, the flexible and modular format of program design allows other specializations in the management of different fields of engineering, in tandem with other available majors in the college.

The program is currently being offered in three formats: the regular weekday program at the Engineering Center, the professional weekend program at the “FIU at I-75,” and the overseas weekend program in Kingston, Jamaica. The Professional MSEM program in Broward is a one-year Saturday-only program tailored for working professionals. It graduated its sixth cohort of students this summer. Students in this program can now specialize in either enterprise systems or logistics engineering. The program also graduated its fifth cohort of students from its one-year weekend offering in Kingston, Jamaica. The sixth cohort in Jamaica started in the spring of 2014. Students in this program specialize in systems engineering.

A newly approved MSEM Online program is now being scheduled for spring 2015 via FIU Online, focusing on systems engineering. In addition, the EM program is in the process of adding a new maritime and port operations track, preliminarily scheduled to start in fall 2015. Expanding on the existing logistics engineering track, a pre-proposal for adding a Master of Science in Logistics Engineering degree program has been proposed and approved by the University. A full proposal is now under way for starting in fall 2015. Along with the new degree program, additional faculty will be hired to strengthen the academic and applied research in the logistics engineering area.

Work is underway to upgrade the current enterprise systems engineering laboratory into a state-of-the-art computer laboratory and executive education seminar room that can serve both as a classroom and a computer lab; all with fully online recording and video conferencing capabilities for synchronous and asynchronous online course delivery.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”15″]

Fall Term Enrollment

Degrees Awarded

Sponsored Research Awards and Expenditures